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Celebrity actor Priyanka Chopra and her tryst with idyllic Maldives

Celebrated actor Priyanka Chopra shares with Aziz Haider the unforgettable tryst with her favourite destination – the Maldives

PC3If there is one image that the magical Maldivean Islands never fail to conjure, that is the water. Sprinkled across the equator, these islands are every one’s fantasy of an idyllic tropical retreat.

It was this wonderful land that played host to all the beauty contestants for Ms. World 2000 swimwear contest. I was one of the many who was participating. It was early stage of the competition and the thought that I may go on to win the crown itself had not dawned on me till then.

I think Maldives was the perfect choice for swimwear contest. The heavenly beauty of the place made us forget for a while why we had assembled there. I, for one, was so enchanted by the beauty of the place that the next few days that I spent there, I did nothing but enjoyed the fun…just fun.

Even today, I fail to forget those moments. I basked in the sun or lazed on the beach marveling the nature at its best. I watched the capricious changes of mood in the ocean, secretive sapphire to clear aquamarine, with hidden hints of more blues that we’d ever imagined, even in a dream.

Besides the most vivid natural beauties that they present, various islands of Maldives also offer guests the luxuries of the best hotels in an eco-friendly, back-to-nature, ambience. At some places, hotel rooms or villas even have their own private stretch of beach, so you can dive or snorkel in warm, crystal-clear waters, or just lie back and contemplate nature’s wondrous world, as you please.

The gourmet meals too are an epicure’s delight, as delectable in appearance as in taste. I relished the mouth-watering dishes a lot. Despite whatever the figure-conscious may say, I love to eat anything and everything that’s cooked well and looks good. Except Chinese!

The most unforgettable moment came when dark clouds suddenly covered up the entire island.

As the clouds thundered, as lightning crisscrossed the darkened sky till it faded away in the horizons, and as rain lashed down heavily, I bathed in the rain. Several times in India, I have done the same under the cool monsoon showers. Here, it was simply irresistible. With coconut grooves on one side swaying to the breeze, the far-stretching ocean with gently undulating waves, cool breeze from the ocean caressing your body in the most sensuous manner, and soft silver sand under your feet, how could anybody resist this temptation?

I saw the brightest rainbow of my life at Maldives, each colour in the vibgyor glowing distinct and incandescent. I was so excited that I ran behind it, as if I could catch it, while it poised tantalizingly between blue sky and even bluer-ocean.

Even at night, I would sneak out of the hotel room despite the fact that it was forbidden to do so. Some other contestants who had become good friends too came along. We all shared the same view of life. We frolicked and did a lot of masti. I am sure God must have taken so much time making Maldives. It’s simply stunning.

We would go to the beach under the starlit night and gaze at the expanse of the night, listen to the musical murmur of the ocean and the romance that it ignited made me sing all those childhood songs that I would sing to nobody else. I consider myself a good singer. Even though I have not done much riyaz lately, I have sung in a South Indian movie and have recently sung few songs in Bollywood as well. Due to this, some friends even call me the Jennifer Lopez of India.

But there at the Maldivean beaches, it required no cajoling or temptation. The vocal chords by themselves started meeting the rhythms of the sound that nature created and I sang the most passionate songs of my life.


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  1. Very interesting. If Priyanka talks about Maldives, it must definitely be very good destination. Looking forwrd to go to Maldives.
    Good work RNI

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