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Unrecognized schools challenge Delhi Government to find whose students are performing better

At a time when unrecognized private schools in Delhi have once again come under threat of closure since the Delhi government has ordered cessation of “all educational activities” in these institutions before the next academic session begins, some unrecognized schools in Delhi are challenging Delhi Government to conduct a study to know whose students are performing better.

Citing anonymity, the manager of one such unrecognized private school says it is because of students who study in unrecognized schools till a certain level and then move to Government schools that the pass percentage of Government schools becomes respectable. He challenges the Delhi Government to conduct a study in schools run by the Government itself to find whether students who have come to Government schools in Classes VI or above are performing better or those who have studied in the Government run schools since Nursery or Class I.

The manager also cites an example of certain girl students from his school who took admission in Class VI in a neighbouring Government school. He claims that during the half yearly examinations, all the first three positions in their section were bagged by girls who had moved to Government school after completing Class Vth from his school. But since the Government does not recognize any category as unrecognized schools, all such students are clubbed together as those who have studied privately at home till taking admission in Government schools. “This will make it difficult to conduct a study,” says he but adds “even if such students include few who have not studied anywhere and took late admission under RTE, the performance of students who entered the Government school set-up in Class VI or later will stand out far better than those who have studied there since the beginning.” This is mostly due to the unrecognized effort of the unrecognized schools that the Delhi Government is now considering closing.

Principal of another private school who is now scurrying to a recognized private school to allow her students to appear from the recognized schools says the writing was already on the wall since the Delhi Government has started claiming to have added more than 5000 rooms last year. It is clear now that the purpose of adding these rooms was not to provide better education to the already high enrolment since RTE came into effect but to stifle the unrecognized schools which, despite their meagre resources, are providing good basic education to students from low income households in Delhi.

It is to be recalled that the Delhi government has recently issued show-cause notices to several teachers for ‘abysmal’ results in pre-boards. Mathematics pass percentage in some sections of Government schools stood at abysmally low of 10% or even lower with some sections recording 0% and 3% pass percentage as well.

Government has issued show-cause notices to teachers in whose sections such low pass percent was achieved without realizing that teachers at senior levels don’t carry a magic wand to make those students brilliant within a year who have moved up to higher classes from the equally abysmal teaching standards in lower classes.

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