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Demonstration at Chief Minister house against the order of Delhi Government to close 3000 private schools

RNI, Delhi:

A demonstration was held today at the residence of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and a memorandum was given to him against a recent Delhi Government order to close more than 3000 unrecognized private schools in Delhi where more than 10 lakh children are studying. Teachers and guardians of children studying in several non-recognized schools in Delhi participated in the demonstration. The demonstration was organized by Delhi State Public School Management Association.

Talking to RNI on this occasion, Ramesh Chandra Jain, President of Delhi State Public School Management Association said that under Article 6A of the Right to Education Act, as per which children were given the right to education, it is stated that within three years, the Delhi Government will construct enough schools in the State so that every child will start studying in the neighbourhood school. Eight years have passed since Right to Education Act, but no schools have been constructed in Delhi. Section 18 of this law states that within the course of 3 years, the unrecognized schools should get recognition or stop functioning or else they will have to pay a fine of Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 10000 per day. Elaborating further, Jain said: “Our point is that the Government should have first remembered Section 6 before it decided to implement Section 18.” Jain further said that “while the Government remained altogether unconcerned about building new schools, it has issued orders to close the unrecognized schools in Delhi.”

Jain further said that the schools of Delhi Government are already overcrowded and hence Government is unable to provide them with the basic necessary facilities. If the Delhi Government thinks that by making some new rooms it has created the necessary facility for all children studying in unrecognized schools, then it is on the wrong. The Delhi government should first try to give quality in its own schools instead of trying to close those unrecognized schools that are doing commendable service by providing better education than government schools. If these unrecognized private schools are not providing better education, why is it that the parents are sending their children to these schools, bypassing the Government schools where education is free, Jain asks.

Ramesh Chandra Jain said that if the Delhi Government does not take back this order immediately and does not give assurance to all the schools running till March 31, 2018, Delhi State Public School Management Association will not only escalate this stir further and gherao the AAP MLAs but will also work to get many recognized schools closed.

It is to be noted that in recent past, the Delhi Government has issued a decree as per which all the non-recognized schools in Delhi will have to close after completion of this session. This sudden decree will not only lead to closure to more than 3000 schools in Delhi but also affect more than 10 lakh children who are studying in these schools only because they provide better education than the Government run schools.

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