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Sexual Assaults: Let the System stop being Provocative

 sexualThe first anniversary of that tragedy must bring them to demand curbs on commercialization of vices including nudity, pornography and prostitution.

 It was a year ago when the rape of a hapless woman, like a bad dream, agitated the nation out of deep sleep. For once it appeared that the whole country has been shaken and this would ensure that something concrete would emerge out of this, which will effectively tackle the problem of the sexual assaults against women. But as I kept warning from the very beginning, the vested interests in the country would not let the right solution emerge. I had argued that unless the system became protective, mere punishments to the offenders will not suffice. The system has to ensure that people are not exposed to material that tests their senses. The law must ensure that those who have acted criminally must receive punishment equal to the crime itself. But we believe in only half solutions. The result is that despite a new law to deal with cases of sexual assaults, the statistics stand where they stood one year back. The assaults in fact seem to have increased. The provocation has not shown any decline, and the problem too is far way from being over.
In Islam, individuals as well as the system are responsible for maintaining order. In the current international systems — the so-called New World Order, Westernism or modernism, the system has no responsibility at all. In fact the system, instead of being peace and health protective, is exactly the opposite. The forces of economics thrive not only on the commercialization of human strengths and needs but also on the industrialization of human susceptibilities. The system therefore not only fails to become health and peace protective, it also becomes an ally in the misdeeds of individuals. The system, in the name of freedom of choice, supplies every bad thing, but the onus of using them in an “acceptable” manner is purely on individuals. The market will supply all forms of addictions, but the individuals will have to face the brunt if they become addict. The people will be flooded with all sorts of sexually provocative images but the individuals will be expected not be provoked beyond acceptable limits. This is another matter that even these acceptable limits are inherently dangerous for society. If I am allowed to be a little shameless in my writing, the merchants of sex and nudity do everything to provoke human organs but would only want them to act the way they want them to act. This is the height of madness.
Everyday the media is in full swing discussing the “sexual assaults” on women. But instead of discussing all the possible factors leading to the sexual assaults, often culminating in deaths, they would always limit the discussion to a tussle between the supremacy of men and women.
When will women understand that “feminism” is a movement created and sponsored by male dominated market to help its business? The day the women understand this in big numbers, the society will change. The assaults on women will gradually decrease, and the females will know that the violation of natural laws gives much less than that it snatches. We need women in various departments but not where they are employed only because their charms attract the consumers. And they have to know that every woman is a working woman. The housewives are in fact house managers, doing much more important work than many managers in corporate houses. But the current markets accept work as work only when it involves exchange of currency.
Media must be made to behave
The media has to learn to behave. But it will not behave till it is forced to behave. The death of Damini had brought the people to the streets to demand death to the rapists. The first anniversary of that tragedy must bring them to demand curbs on commercialization of vices including nudity, pornography and prostitution. The debate on sex and sexuality has to be focused on the healthy morality that religions promote and not on commercial morality that the corporates insist. I will like to end this piece with the closing remarks from my book, “The Killer Sex”:
“What is being intentionally or unintentionally ignored is that the huge transformation in sex and sexuality has not been the product of natural human evolution. Evolution is and must always be for the better. In contrast, the so-called Sexual Revolution has been a well planned, artificially monitored and promoted, dextrously and meticulously executed and aggressively pushed transformation by the forces of merchandise that had only their vested interests in mind. People are not changing themselves; they are being made to change. It is not the nectar of their strengths but the hillock of their weaknesses and their tendencies to succumb that is being used as the catalyst for this change. They are being driven to a weird world of phantasm that has nothing to do with reality. It is not sciences or medical sciences that are instrumental in bringing about these pernicious transformations on the basis of their good impact on society; but it is the corporate interests that are creating new values and burying the old ones. The tree of Sexual Revolution is not being watered for the production and distribution of sweet grapes of love among the people but for the ultimate aim of the fermentation of grapes to manufacture the muscatel of “sex” that brings more money. And yet, instead of claiming responsibility itself, the corporate world tends to blame the people and their weaknesses for the growth of the evils as businesses. They ignore the fact that people are largely naive and unsuspecting. They read only what they are made to read; they read the lines, not between the lines. First their weaknesses are purposely exploited and then they are held responsible for succumbing to their weaknesses. People will have to observe the net that is laid to entrap them. They have to learn not to be governed and goaded by the merchants. Otherwise they and their posterity will continue to suffer.
Sex is not something that needs to be suppressed. Sex is the well that gives life. But the need of the hour is to cleanse the well not pollute it. If it gives pure water, it would ensure health; if it is adulterated with pollutants it can kill everybody. The goblet from the well of sex is to be taken to satiate one’s desire; it can be sweetened with a sweetener, or made a bit salty by adding a pinch of salt or may be warmed or cooled depending upon the requirement. It is all right to make sex lively and not let it become livid. But don’t mix in it anything that poisons it! Sex is the gift of God that must be fully enjoyed. But don’t let the Devil wrap this gift in a colourful paper soaked with the cyanide of wild sex. If we have to save the world, we will have to guillotine the Devil of corporate sex at the earliest. If we do not get it doomed, we all will be consumed. Let the business help sex but don’t let the sex itself become a business. That is the only mantra for the salvation. I have doubts if the people would be ready to chant this mantra because, as addicts they can understand and even desire to get away with their addiction; but the addiction has shackles that are too difficult for them to break. Sexual Revolution is the monster that requires the sword of Counterrevolution to be beheaded. Insurrections here and there will not suffice. Let its elegy be sung by its progeny as soon as possible!
By Dr Javed Jamil

Dr Javed Jamil is India based thinker and writer with over a dozen books including “Muslim Vision of Secular India: Destination & Road-map”. Other works include “The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism”, “The Essence of the Divine Verses”, “The Killer Sex”, “Islam means Peace” and “Rediscovering the Universe”.

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