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Citizens face epidemic, accident and death while Delhi and UP Governments fight out in Court

Pic1 (1024x768)RNI, New Delhi:

It is a classic example of the apathy that an insensitive Government could show towards citizens!

Residents of South Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh are face to face with the worst disease and epidemic. Several accidents have already taken place in the open drain that has been dug right in the centre of the road and left open. There have been cases of people falling in the open drain and also a case of a car that went in the drain while reversing. Huge swarms of mosquitoes can be seen breeding on the filthy smelling water of the drain. Even the toilets of apartments on both sides at times see inflow rather outflow of water as the previously existing sewage system has been removed. The excretion from the Pic2 (1024x768)modern toilets seats only come out in the open drain that flows right in the center of the road. While the Governments of UP and Delhi are fighting out in court for their right over the road, the residents on both sides of the road are going through a nightmare. Until the court decides either way, they can see no respite from their troubles!

Pic6 (1024x768)Residents of Shaheen Bagh, a stone’s throw from the posh Sarita Vihar and Kalindi Kunj, flash Delhi’s voter cards. Apartments on both sides of the road come under Delhi’s jurisdiction. But, interestingly, the road that lies in between the apartments is an issue of contention because both Delhi and UP governments claim their ownership.

Pic3 (768x1024)When the land in the area was sold and apartments came up, the purchasers didn’t never knew that the road in between was a bone of contention. Due to the strategic location of the area close to South Delhi’s posh colonies, well-to-do people purchased the apartments. It was only later that they got to know that while the apartments on both sides of the road came in Delhi’s jurisdiction, the road in between was claimed by UP as it leads to a canal managed by Uttar Pradesh’s irrigation department. The builders of apartments made makeshift sewage system under the road for toilet excretion and water drainage and sold the apartments. Lately, the local MLA Asif Mohammad Khan ordered construction of new sewer system to replace the old one. The existing sewer system was dug up so as to replace it with the new one. At this point, UP’s irrigation department woke up and went to court, where it was granted a stay. With no sewer system, all the water from buildings on both sides come to the dug up area right in the midst of the road, thereby making it an open drain, with varying width at several places.Pic4 (768x1024)

Pic7 (1024x768)The residents of the area are angry. They fear falling in the drain even while going to grocery shop, the barber or even the mosque. The gate of the mosque as well as the buildings on both sides is barely a few feet from the open drain. As the drain has varying width, there have been cases of people falling even when they were taking caution. Children too keep falling time and again. And even the kitchens in the apartments on both sides smell of the filth that fills the drain.

Pic5 (1024x768)As the governments of neighbouring states fight it out in court, the residents of the area are facing a tough time. Their fate depends on which way the court decides this road belongs to.

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