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R.N.I. News Agency, a division of Real Gain, is a print news agency catering to English/Hindi/Urdu print media. Operating from Delhi and Lucknow presently, we are providing news as well as articles on diverse subjects related to politics, national and international issues, lifestyle, Muslim world, business & finance, religion, interfaith, social issues, etc. besides news related to events and happenings.

R.N.I. takes the responsibility of veracity of each article/news-stories, unless they are specific views of certain people or organizations. You are requested to give the byline for each article/news-story to R.N.I. and send three copies of the published news-stories to PO Box 9283, Krishna Nagar PO, New Delhi-110092.

Only limited no. of news/articles are sent for free publication. To subscribe for a complete service, contact us: http://www.realnewslive.org/eng/contact/

One thought on “About us

  1. Heloo,
    Nice website. However, there is no ‘Contact’ info. Also there is no section for NRI Muslims.
    Hundreds and thousand of NRI Muslims living abroad but for Indian Urdu media they have no significance.

    Firoz Khan
    Sr. News Editor
    Hindi Abroad Weekly
    Toronto, Canada.

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