‘International Islamic awakening and youths conference’ to be organized in Tehran

The entire West Asia and North Africa, commonly referred to as Middle East and North Africa, is currently undergoing revolutionary changes. Entire social and political viewpoint of this entire region is changing. The entire region is undergoing turmoil, be it Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Turkey, Syria or even Saudi Arabia. The youths of the region have played a major part in bringing about this rapid change. This awakening and beginning of revolutionary upheavels as well as the emergence of Islamic awakening wave in the Muslim nations during last decade and especially last year will be discussed in an ‘International Islamic awakening and youths conference’ to be organized in Tehran on 28th and 29th of this month. Intellectuals and thinkers, and the elite youngsters will present scientific and practical papers and several young men from the countries where religious awakening has been seen in the recent past will share their experiences.

The youths role in bringing about the revolution and safeguarding and sustaining its core objectives cannot be doubted. The objective of this conference organized by the Secretariat of Islamic Awakening is to clarify the youths’ role in helping the revolutions to advise their goals.

The Islamic Republic of Iran had witnessed a grand shake-up in the form of a revolution when the erstwhile rulers were ousted to give place to an Islamic form of democracy. The fruits of the revolution couldn’t bring about much change in the rest of the Islamic world due to the Iran-Iraq war that commenced immediately afterwards. Therefore, other autocratic rulers got a brief relief during which, instead of amending their activities and initiating reforms, they continued with their oppressive tactics. The need for change and to bring about a just and democratic governance remained and the passions continue to simmer in their hearts, only to erupt last year when a vendor committed suicide.

While few countries like Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco have succumbed to the public outcry, there are several others, headed by Saudi Arabia, who continue to use oppressive tactics to crush the revolutionaries. Consequently, the Arab world is witnessing several deaths on daily basis due to police brutality.

The conference also aims at “presenting the model of Islamic democracy instead of western concept of democracy, combating the oppression and unilateralism of global arrogance and international Zionism, providing conductive and interactive opportunities among intellectuals, figures, movements as well as exchanging the experiences among movements, reinforcing the spirit of self-esteem and national self-reliance in accounting psychological and media warfare or arrogant states, and clarifying and explaining the indices of Islamic awakening authenticity, safeguarding and durability.” First hand accounts of people who have been at core of bringing about the revolutionary changes in various Arab countries will also be presented. R.N.I. correspondent will provide the daily coverage of the conference.