Immense possibilities exist for collaboration between India and Iran: Mehdi Nabizadeh

People of Iran turned sanctions to their benefit;

America cannot harm Indo-Iran relations

Enormous possibilities exist for collaboration between India and Iran and it is in the two countries mutual interest that we pave the way to develop them further. America cannot harm Indo-Iran relations, despite its entire efforts, and the best it can do is to delay the inevitable progress of ties between the two countries. These sentiments were echoed by the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran – Seyed Mehdi Nabizadeh – who was talking to a large gathering of media persons as part of the 33rd anniversary celebrations of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

Speaking on the occasion, the Ambassador said: “People of Iran were not only instrumental in bringing about the revolution which led to the establishment of an Islamic democracy and participated in the 8-year old imposed war with Iraq but are also contributing to the immense development in various fields related to space technology, nano-technology, medicine, peaceful development of nuclear technology and various other fields, thus resulting in Iran becoming the most developed country of the region; in short, they have converted the sanctions to Iran’s benefit.”

Seyed Mehdi Nabizadeh said that Iran wants goods relations with all countries who believe in equal rights to all according to international law. “We believe that developed countries and developing countries should get equal benefit of the development,” he said, adding that Iran wants peace in the region but that will not be possible until other countries stop meddling in the internal affairs of the Arab region. “War is never in interest of humanity, as many innocent people are killed,” he said and added: “Past experience has shown that wherever America and Israel have intervened, it has been against the interests of the local people. Take the case of Afghanistan where the US and NATO entered on the pretext of controlling terrorism. Have they been able to control terrorism? Terrorism is an inhumane act and we condemn it, but it was not the way to deal with terrorism. On the pretext of Bin Laden, the US got into Afghanistan. Today, when there is no Bin Laden, they are still not ready to go. They attacked Iraq with the pretext of nuclear weapons. Eventually, people of Iraq got together for democracy but what about the crimes committed by the US?” He further asked who should punish the US for all such crimes and what was the UN doing. “India and Iran are on common ground that UNO should be reconstituted. UNO, instead of supporting people, are supporting governments. Can we call it the United Nations?” the Ambassador asked.

Clarifying Iran’s position related to the nuclear weapons, the Ambassador said that “we have always worked within the framework of IAEA. Inspectors of IAEA have been present in all stages of progress. There have been about 4000 man hours of inspection till date. It is because of pressure of theUSthat we are facing problems from IAEA but we will continue our activities within the framework of the IAEA.” He added that “Five plus one countries gave a proposal to us to talk but we felt it was unnecessary intervention. Our view was that the talk should not be only about energy. We wanted to talk about whole package of issues, but they did not accept it.” Mehdi Nabizadeh added that the last inspection of IAEA took place only last week. “They also are of the view that we should progress through talks and we are ready to ahead with talks,” he said.

An issue that was of interest to media persons was the currency payment stand-off that existed between India and Iran for the last one year, which has been resolved. “Earlier payments were being made through ACU. But due to pressure of some countries, this got disturbed. This was illegal and created some hurdles in the transfer of payments. Fortunately good mechanism has been found out between India and Iran which is to the satisfaction of the Reserve Bank of India and Iranian authorities.” The Ambassador clarified that all outstanding payments with India have been cleared.

The Ambassador discounted that there was much chances of a direct war in the near future, but said that if that happens Iran is prepared for it.