Plan to corner Syria was made way back in 2001

Has US got the magical wand, whatever it wishes comes true?

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 In a major revelation that will make face-saving difficult for the US and the UN, plan to corner Syria, or Iran for that matter, was hatched way back in 2001. It has been brought to light courtesy an alert R.N.I. activist that the plan to corner Syria and Iran along with four other countries and Iraq had been made immediately after the World Trade Centre attack in New York in 2001. The four other countries besides Syria, Iran and Iraq were Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Lebanon. This revelation was made through a video interview available on Youtube in which the US General Wesley Clark (Retd.) can be seen speaking on ‘Democracy Now’ in a local TV program. The interview is dated March 2, 2007, much before anybody would have ever thought that there were human rights violations going on in Syria, as claimed by the US along with international agencies like UN or news of Iran working on enriching Uranium had become ‘common knowledge’.

In the interview given to ‘Democracy Now’, the U.S. General Wesley Clark (now retired) explains that the Bush administration, immediately after 9-11 in 2001 had planned to target 7 countries in the next 5 years including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran. Iraq was immediately attacked and subdued on the pretext of having nuclear weapons. While that plan was certainly delayed, due to sudden need to get into Afghanistan or the Hizbullah retaliation in Lebanon, the succeeding US President Barrack Obama is leading the next round of onslaught against Libya (already overcome) and Syria and Iran, which are now on the list. Sudan has already been divided and the oil sources in Libya passed on to Europe and other allied countries before Syria and Iran are targeted. Since there is no oil in Somalia, there is no world interest there despite the prevailing unrest there.

In the interview available on Youtube (, dated March 2, 2007, Gen. Wesley Clark claiming to be present in the Pentagon office in the aftermath of 9-11 bombing says that the plan to Iraq was made by senior officials of Pentagon in the presence of General Rumsfield and others. When he asked a senior official whether Pentagon has found any evidence of link between Al-Qaida and Saddam Husain, he said no, it was just that ‘we have got good military and we can take down governments.” Plan to attack the remaining six countries too was made at that time, he says.

Ironically, the US has gone all out lambasting Syria, after Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in a statement had blamed “foreign conspiracies” for crisis in Syria. India too has fallen to the trap as it voted against Syria citing the internal situation in the country. The Arab Republic’s representative in the United Nations – Bashar Ja’afari – had in a letter written to High Commissioner for Human Rights targeted the integrity of various organizations of the UN and doubted their ability to give a fair and unbiased report without succumbing to external pressure from certain States with vested interests. “Syria has cooperated with the High Commissioner for Human Rights from the very inception of the events. It has also cooperated with the Independent International Commission of Enquiry and provided it with numerous documents and certified information on the real situation in Syria. Yet, both these parties have ignored that cooperation and disregarded anything with which they were provided by Syria,” the letter says.

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad

Commenting on the Security Council’s closed door meeting concerning the issue of Middle East, in which the High Commissioner for Human Rights had commented on the situation of Human Rights in Syria, the Syrian representative to the UN called the statement “politicized, unprofessional and lacking in objectivity and consistent with the agendas of certain States that wish to destroy Syria and make a military incursion into it on the pretext of protecting civilians.” The letter lambasted the view of the High Commissioner for Human Rights who had recommended Syria to be referred to the International Criminal Court by saying that she had ignored “the human rights violations carried out by terrorist groups and the millions of dollars that they are receiving in the forms of money, arms and propaganda and logistical support, which aim to destroy Syria and kill its people.” The US ridiculed this view as well and called it based on distorted facts.

The revelation regarding plan to attack seven countries in five years is not going down well with the common people in India who say that if the US had named Iran in 2001 it was understandable, since Iran has been a thaw in the eye since long, but nobody in 2001 or even in 2007 (when this interview was aired) could have thought that armed insurgents would start fighting against the Bashar al-Assad government all of a sudden in Syria or adversaries will surface against Gaddafi in Libya, which will be taken as a pretext by NATO ‘through military that can take down Governments’. Another valid question is whether the US has got the magical wand that whatever it wishes just comes true?

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