Few Congress ministers in Centre more than willing to ally with Israel

Israel’s stranglehold over the Middle East countries has reached such heights that they are neither in position to oppose it nor raise their voice. The Arab countries which through their free distribution of Quran all over the world want to show that they are greatest champions of Islam too have joined hands with the US so as to promote the Israeli agenda in the region.

If we glance around in the Middle East, only Lebanon, Syria and Iran remain who are still upholding the issue of Palestine vociferously and are roadblock to the US and Israel in their attempt to gain control over the countries of the region. Other countries seem to have left behind the issue of Palestine in their attempt to befriend the US.

Arab countries, owing to their weakness, may have succumbed to the US and Israel, but there is no reason for India to fear them. India is a powerful country and neither the US nor Israel can use it as per their whims. If the US and Israel are looking after their vested interests, what wrong if India keeps its own interests in mind?

Whereas India, by taking the decision to retain its relations with Iran, has shown to the world that it is not going to succumb to certain countries and their vested interests, unfortunately there are a few ministers in the Congress government at the Centre who seem to be more than willing to ally with Israel.

When Cabinet Minister SM Krishna went on an official visit to Israel, he made an announcement from Israel that Iran should work under IAEA parameters. Krishna was responding to a query why was India not with Israel and the US on the issue of Iran. Krishna even called Israel as ‘natural ally’ of India and said thatIndiawill further step up cooperation with Israel in dealing with terrorism. Krishna didn’t tell how is Israel a ‘natural ally’ of India? Neither did he talk about the monetary and armed support being given by Israel to disgruntled elements in Syria. As if Israel was aware of what the decision of United Nations’ Security Council was to be in future, Israeli  leader Avigdor Lieberman said that he was confident that all countries will tag the Israeli line after the issue is taken up at the Security Council.

It appears as if Israel tried to corner SM Krishna on its own turf. India has long been a supporter of Palestinian cause but it appears that it has  withdrawn its stand under pressure from the US and Israel. SM Krishna overlooked the fact that Israel is neither a signatory to NPT like India nor does it allow IAEA inspectors to visit Nigev Nuclear Research Centre near Dimona, where it is said to be making nuclear warheads. On the other hand, IAEA inspectors have visited Iran for more than 4000 man-hours. Recently Germany gifted Israel with two nuclear submarines which cannot be merely for show. Krishna should clear why there is duality about his reference to Iran and Israel.

The bomb blast in Israel embassy’s car too showed some people’s marked tilt towards Israel. These people were more than prompt to label Iran as the conspirator. When the US and Israel said this with full force it was understandable that it was in their interests, but why the Indians? Israel even went on to say that the bombs used in Georgia and Bangkok were of similar kind but didn’t tell that the 3 Iranian scientist who were recently assassinated too died in a similar manner.

India was too prompt to allow the Israeli agency Mossad to initiate investigation in this case without even bothering to ponder that no other powerful country like the US and Israel would allow India’s CBI or RAW to investigate in this manner in their own territory. This too needs to be told to the public what was the reason for Mossad chief Tamir Pardo’s secret visit to India recently. Can India’s RAW chief visit any other country without official permission?

It appears that certain people were waiting that any such incident happen and they blame it on Iran. In order to show their friendship with Israel, these people are even overlooking India’s interests, which is very unfortunate.