Is West moving towards creating the Third Front???

S. Aziz Haider / RNI, New Delhi:

Samajwadi party’s senior leader Shivpal Yadav’s visit to Israel has resulted in mixed reactions from the Muslim community. It is difficult for them to digest that the political party that they unconditionally supported during the last assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh  is seen hobnobbing with a country or rather countries who are considered as working against the interests of Muslims across the world.

This is the general view of cross-section of Muslims in the Indian sub-continent and also in the Middle Eastern countries that the United States, Britain and Israel are not their well-wishers. Even in countries where the Governments are on friendly terms with these countries, for example the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar, the views of the general public are starkly against those of their rulers. America is the evil everywhere, which blindly supports Israel and its professed anti-Muslim agenda.

In such a situation if one of the senior-most leaders of the party goes on a visit to Israel, adverse reactions from the community should be expected. The coincidences, if they exist, are far too many to be ignored, thereby suggesting that deliberate attempts are on to lure the smaller regional parties like Samajwadi Party by the US, Britain and Israel.

Even if we ignore the visit of Bill Gates to meet UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav two months back, which is being seen as an ice-breaking visit to facilitate subsequent visits by key persons related to embassy, developments during last week cannot be overlooked.

First, it was the American Ambassador to India who visited Lucknow to meet the Chief Minister. The fact that other than the meeting with Chief Minister, the schedule included meetings with prominent Muslim figures and religious clerics aligned to Saudia ideology is proof enough that these countries are furthering their ‘Muslim agenda’ in this region.  Immediately thereafter, the British High Commissioner too visited Lucknow only to have meetings and dinners with prominent Muslim figures, other than their meeting with the political personalities related to the ruling government – the Samajwadi Party. Shivpal Yadav’s visit to Israel happened immediately thereafter, to further ignite the rumours that Samajwadi  Party and Trinamool Congress will be supported prior to the 2014 general elections alongside people like Baba Ramdev and Anna.

This can be for any of two purposes: these regional parties are being supported either because the US wants its hand in formation of the Third Front – so as to have an alternative ready to Congress and BJP – or the US wants to support these regional parties to create pressure on the ruling party at the Center so that it meets it demands. These demands could be approval to long-pending demand related to FDI and retail or India’s support against Syria and in further reducing oil-intake from Iran. That India is chief on their radar can be seen from appointment of Kaushik Basu as World Bank chief economist and senior vice president. Those who doubt our view that an attempt is on to pressurize the ruling Government at the Centre should look at the Washington Post’s sharply critical article on the Prime Minister. The reporter who did the news story against the Prime Minister has not only been in India but has also been meeting prominent Muslims in the past, taking their views related to their stand related to Syria and Iran. As per reports of certain Muslims in Lucknow, as told to RNI, this Washington Post reporter has even been to Lucknow in the recent past to meet several Muslim personalities. Those who are of the view that we are trying to read too much through certain stray happenings should tell why both the High Commissioners of Britain and the United States chose only to meet prominent Muslim leaders and social figures from the community during their visits to Lucknow recently. In recent past, senior diplomats have also been visiting various seminaries with the officially declared reason of ‘sight-seeing’.

Shivpal Yadav’s visit to Israel is being seen as the continuation of the same game plan which revolves around making friends with regional political parties, chiefly who are strong in the states having sizeable Muslim population. Successful attempts  first to lure in the TMC and now baits being offered to Samajwadi Party proves that even the West has come to conclude that the coalition era or rather the dominance of regional parties in India is here to stay. Question arises how much of allowance should be granted to these foreign countries to play their ‘dirty politics’, which at times go to the extent of subduing weaker countries or even assisting in igniting a civil war within other nations.

 India is a great country and won’t become greater by following the path laid down by others. Our march towards zenith will henceforth depend on the extent to which we become capable of pursuing our own agenda in the international arena and not through tagging the line of others and falling prey to the baits being offered by Western countries.

S. Aziz Haider/RNI News Agency