Arsh aims for Limca Book of Records as MTV Roadies 10 audition reaches Chandigarh on 8th November


Ranvijay of MTV Roadies, boxer and Olympic medalist Vijendra Singh,MTV VJ and youth icon Bani and Raghu Ram of MTV Roadies with Arsh Shearif of Roadies 9 and Project Director of AIDS Awareness Campaign at Centre

MTV Roadies 9 participant Arsh Shearif set to become first ever person standing for a social cause, promoting AIDS testing on a mass level

Real News Intl (RNI) News Agency, New Delhi:

Arsh Shearif with counselors from Department of AIDS Control

If the famous duo of Raghu Ram and Ranvijay of MTV Roadies, MTV VJ and youth icon Bani, boxer and Olympic medalist Vijendra Singh, big time model and season 7 Roadies participant Bharti, and winner of Roadies 9 Vikas Kohlekar get themselves tested for AIDS, you can well imagine the kind of awareness such an event would have raised among the educated youths. The occasion was MTV Season 10 audition held at Expo Centre NOIDA and it was the first time ever that a person had individually ventured out for a social cause promoting AIDs testing on a mass level.

Arsh Shearif does the DJing as Roadies Season 9 winner Vikas Kohlekar is being counseled for HIV and AIDS Awareness

Courtesy this self-funded venture by Season 9 Roadie Arsh on behalf of VIACOM 18 and Ministry of Family Welfare, Department of AIDS Control, more than 2000 condoms were distributed, 2500 youths were made aware of AIDs and 64 pre-counselling and HIV tests done besides distribution of promotion material in thousands in Noida alone. After successfully conducting an AIDS awareness campaign at Pune and then at Expo Centre Noida on 4th November, Roadie Arsh is set to conduct a similar mass-level AIDS awareness exercise at the MTV Roadies 10 audition at Chandigarh on November 8 and at Hyderabad on 20th November, thereby going for Limca Book of Records as the first ever person standing for a social cause, promoting AIDS testing on a mass level.

Roadies Season 9 winner Vikas Kohlekar getting tested for HIV/AIDS as Arsh Shearif watches

Arsh was an all-time favourite to win Season 9 MTV Roadies. This can be ascertained from the fact that while the winner of Season 9 Vikas Kohlekar has about 10000 fans on Facebook, Arsh has close to 33000. An all-time favourite of youths, both boys and girls, Arsh volunteered for many social causes in life of which HIV AIDS is one of them. “My outlook to the world changed during my journey as a Roadie,” says Arsh, adding that “I now desire to expand my commitment to the cause of this disease which is affecting millions of Indians, both urban and rural population. More importantly, the lack of awareness has led to the social stigma attached to it,” says Arsh.

View of the participants in MTV Roadies 10 audition at Noida with Arsh Shearif creating awareness related to AIDS

Arsh was supported heartily by Raghu and Ranvijay, who volunteered to get themselves tested at the first go. VIACOM 18 rallied behind him and so did Aradhana Johri, the secretary in the Ministry of Family Welfare. Deputy DG Dr RS Gupta of Department of AIDS Control agreed to send MITVA Mobile ICTC van of DSACs to the MTV Roadies 10 audition and Arsh Shearif as project director did all the rest including promotion, testing, creating awareness and logistics. Result was for all to see!

Says Arsh about the experience: “I was creating awareness among the educated modern-day youth. Yet, I was amazed to see that people did not know the difference between HIV and AIDS. They do not know that the window period is about 10 years before an HIV gets converted to AIDS and if diagnosed in time, a lot can be done to add quality years to the life of the affected person and at the same time preventing so many others from getting afflicted.” Arsh maintains that it is most important to focus on youth because this disease branches like a tree.

When asked what he thinks about spending from his own pocket on such a noble venture, Arsh said that he felt that while so many people were creating awareness, there was none who was going to them to counsel them and to tell them that getting tested is important. He was thankful to VIACOM 18 and Ministry of Health and plans to undertake a lot more awareness campaigns in the future, all for a noble cause. He also looks forward to be on the Limca Book of Records soon!

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