Bhim Singh condemns Israeli attacks on Gaza

Real News Intl. (RNI) News Agency, New Delhi:

Prof. Bhim Singh of National Panthers Party has condemned Israeli attacks on Gaza and the conspiracy against the Government of Syria. The lawyer activist has also urged the Government of India to refrain from being a mute witness and voice its concerns over injustice being committed in various parts of the world.

In a communiqué issued to Real News Intl. by the Party, Prof. Bhim Singh has urged Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, to mobilize the opinion in the NAM countries to expose Anglo-American conspiracy to dislodge popular Arab leadership. He cautioned that any attempt to dislodge Dr. Bashar-al-Assad in Syria may bring Russia and China on the forefront that may trigger the nuclear war threatening the existence of the entire world including America and Europe. Prof. Bhim Singh praised the Arab leadership in the past and appealed to Arab League to resist USA’s interference in the Middle-East.

Speaking on Indo-Pak dialoge, Prof. Bhim Singh said that Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India has initiated a meaningful dialogue with Pakistan so that LoC is made irrelevant so that the families living along the LoC shall live in peace and the broken families shall unite. He said that wars are no solution. Solution lies in Reorganization of J&K and end of corruption, authoritarianism, communalism and discrimination.