Problems galore for the aam-aadmi


Real News Intl. (RNI), New Delhi:

Roadside vendors abound every nook and cranny of the multi-layered city that Delhi is – from the computer sales shops in Nehru Place to the electronic markets in Bhagirath Palace; from the chaat wala round the corner to the challi (corn) selling chap down the road; from the key maker to the egg and omelets selling push-cart down the street. The issues related to these people remain the same in all the cities across the country, about which we are mostly concerned the least. The unfortunate side of their story is that even the self-confessed champions of aam aadmi (common man) cause are least bothered about their miseries and problems and look towards the movers and shakers of society for issues.

When the municipal corporations decide to clear roadside encroachments, it is these petty vendors who are at the receiving end while the major encroachers get scot free. When the food department makes raids, it is again these roadside small vendors who are at the receiving end.

A similar incident was witnessed recently by Real News correspondent, when a vendor’s push cart was taken away by a group of men, who refused to reveal their identity despite being asked so. The vendor, who revealed his name as Raj Kumar, was selling chaat when all of a sudden few people surrounded him and removed all the chaat, utensils and other belongings from the push-cart. In the accompanying photographs, all the belongings of Raj Kumar can be seen scattered on the roadside while the push-cart is being taken away in a truck.

Real News talked to Raj Kumar to the wailing Raj Kumar who said: “My fault is that I have been born in a poor family. I am trying to make the ends meet through selling chaat. The government does nothing to help the poor but if the poor themselves try to stand up on their feet by doing petty jobs, they are harassed and tormented in this manner.”

Raj Kumar further revealed that he was sending his children to a primary school so that they don’t have to face such hardships in their lives. “I have to pay school fees for all my three children. With my push-cart taken away, how can I feed the family, leave alone arrange money for their school fee.”

Real News Intl. News Bureau