‘Visit and stay of foreigners in Lucknow suspicious’

British soldiers looting Qaiserbagh, Lucknow (1858)

Real News Intl. (RNI), Lucknow:

The regular visits and stay of several Europeans and Americans in the city of Lucknow for reasons beyond merely sightseeing is being viewed with suspicion by the members of the community. The matter got highlighted further when the Shia leader Kalbe Jawad, in his speech from the pulpit of Ghufranmaab imambara asked Lucknowites to beware of the American and Israeli agents who have penetrated the common masses.

In his speech, Kalbe Jawad hinted at the enhanced focus of various foreign powers towards Lucknow, due to the repeatedly changing dynamics in the Middle East. Several other people in Lucknow have lately been raising concern over visit of foreigners in the State capital and their alleged suspicious activities and more than frequent meetings with people with dubious backgrounds. A case in point is also the recent visits of British, Israeli and US diplomats to Lucknow with the express purpose of meeting various Muslim leaders, media persons and other dignitaries. Other than the dinner hosted mostly for various Muslim invitees, a select group of people from the community is reported to have personally met these diplomats in their hotel rooms for a confidential one to one meeting.

The question being raised in certain sections relates as to why there is so much of enhanced focus on Muslims by British, Israeli and US diplomats and what is the purpose behind their more than usual visits to Lucknow and places of religious interests like Deoband.

Speaking to Real News from Khajwa in Bihar where he had gone for Moharram commemorations, Dr. Amanat Naqvi raised the issue of frequent visits of foreigners and more than usual stay of these persons for purposes like studying Islamic jurisprudence and other contemporary Muslim issues, which makes it easier for them to mix with the Muslim masses as well as the clergy. Dr. Naqvi said that keeping in mind the sensitivity of the issue, the Government should probe the antecedents of these people visiting Lucknow and other cities and also make checks on Indians who meet these people. He hinted that the increased frequency lately suggests that a big nefarious plan is underway.

Real News’ enquiry has revealed that the people among whom these foreigners are moving are seen to be moving among those very people and propagating those very issues that are part of American and Israeli agenda for Muslims in India. Besides working to destroy or weaken various tenets related to Islam, the Indians among whom these foreigners move frequently are also seen to be targeting the Ulemas of the Muslim community who are known to take stand against the policies of Britain, Israel and the US.

Real news intl. news bureau