“Government must review its relations with the United States and Israel”: Sunni Ulama Federation

Real News Intl. (RNI), New Delhi:

The strongest federation of Sunni Ulamas in North India – All India Sunni Ulama Federation – has urged the Indian Government to review its foreign policy in respect of relations with the United States and Israel for its anti-Muslim and anti-Sunni policies. The apex organization is concerned over the hidden agenda of United States and its dubious role in backing and promoting the policies and agenda which pose threat and danger to the sanctity of the revered religious sites of Muslims in Makkah and Madina. These views were expressed by Ghulam Abdul Qadir, Secretary General of All India Sunni Ulama Federation as he elaborated on the danger posed to the world by the United States and Israel during conversation with our correspondent regarding the great success of Azmat-e-Mustafa (Peace Conference) held in New Delhi recently.

“The Government of India must be sensitive and vigilant on the increasing attempts by forces backed by these countries to tarnish the image of our beloved Prophet, Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH),” said Ghulam Abdul Qadir and warned “all stakeholders who are involved in law enforcement that we have zero tolerance on any event of this nature.” He said that those who promote such insulting material are the worst enemies of the humanity as they have threatened the world peace.

Leading lights and Ulamas of Sunni Muslims and prominent Muslim Intellectuals adorned the stage during the Azmat-e-Mustafa (Peace Conference) organized by All India Sunni Ulama Federation (AISUF) in New Delhi to discuss on the burning issues of contemporary world particularly related to Islam and its impact on Muslim world including India and the role of Muslim in general and Ulama in particular under this scenario. Thousands of Sunni Muslims who comprise 80% of the Muslim population in India attended the Conference.

Hazrat Maulana Peer Syed Mohd. Khalid Ashraf (Sajjada Nasheen Dargah Ashraful Ulama Kichaucha Sharif & President Sunni Darul Uloom Mohammadia, Mumbai), Hazrat Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan (President, Ittehad-e-Millat Council, Baraili Sharif, UP), Dr. Mufti Mohd. Mokarram Ahmad (Shahi Imam, Fatehpuri Masjid, Delhi), Hazrat Maulana Syed Mohd. Hashmi Mian Kichaucha Sharif, Dr. Hasan Raza Khan (Director Arabic and Persian Research Institute Patna), Maulana Abul Haqqani Mohd. Husain (Director, R.S. Memorial Darbangha, Bihar), Dr. Abdul A. Azizi (Former Member, Backward Commission, Govt. of India), Dr. Khwaja Ikramuddin (Director, National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India), Kamal Farooqi (Former Chairman, Minority Commission of India and presently National General Secretary, Samajwadi Party) were some of the speakers during the Conference.

These distinguished orators were unanimous in pointing out that the constant publication of blasphemous material, cartoons and the making of profane movies insulting the Prophet was part of a consensus strategy promoted by the US and Israel and the Indian Government would be wrong if it continues to foster relationship with these countries without bothering to understand that these countries, who claimed to be greatest champions of world peace and human rights were in fact the worst enemies of peace and humanity.

Through this conference, the AISUF also demanded that the Saudi Government clarify its position regarding its relations with US and demanded an answer regarding measures taken in order to ensure the safety and security of sacred places inside Saudi Arabia.

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