Is India becoming a battle turf for foreign players seeking vested interests?


Funeral prayers of the young man killed in indiscriminate firing on a gathering

Real News Intl., Lucknow: The view of the saner elements being expressed discreetly all these past months has finally been vindicated. Greater indications are now visible that India is on road to become the battle turf for foreign players seeking regional dominance and attempting to fulfill their vested interests. The matter has been compounded by a weak and ill-conceived foreign policy that is short-sighted and merely depends on giving reactions to various actions taking place within or without the country; a pro-active policy keeping India’s short and long term interests in mind is lacking. A visible example is China which has moved far ahead during recent years, both in terms of regional dominance and its business interests.

The suspicions that were aroused in the minds of certain people related to direct foreign funding so as to fulfill their own interests were based on various suspicious activities during the last year. The suspicions have finally been proven to be true when an organization of Wahabi linkage, viz.  Sunni Majlis-e-Amal, opened the Pandora’s box related to foreign funding and discreet financial and other support. Reacting to the terror-like attack on a section of Muslims in Lucknow recently and the subsequent riot-like situation, the organization claimed that the riots in Lucknow were the handiwork of certain Ulemas having support from Iran and Pakistan. Speaking at a Press Conference, Maulana Abdul Wali Farooqi of Sunni Majlis-e-Amal even tried to link the firing on a section of Muslims coming out from a Majlis to some Irani and Pakistani backed Ulemas. Through reminding the Samajwadi Party’s previous election’s manifesto related to release of innocent Muslims in various prisons, the organization is also trying to put illegitimate pressure on the UP Government to release the people arrested for indiscriminate firing on the public which resulted in about 20 bullet injuries and two deaths. The same organization used its money and vote power in UP to pressurize the UP Government in not declaring the firing as an act of terror.

Reacting almost immediately to the allegations of Sunni Majlis-e-Amal, an organization by the name Begum Hazrat Mahal Youth Brigade has said that the activities of Ulemas with Saudi and Talibani linkage need to be probed. Presiding the function, Shahzad Abbas who incidentally is also a SP youth leader, said that Sunni Majlis-e-Amal is angry over the indiscriminate firing being labeled as a terrorist attack. They are using their clout to pressurize the Government in releasing the culprits behind the attack, he said. “The entire world knows who is propagating terrorism across the world,” Abbas said, and added that these people with Saudi and Talibani backing are trying to create a wedge between Muslims in Lucknow. Such people are giving a bad name to Samajwadi Party as well, he said.

Truly speaking, Shahzad is not off the mark. While the allegations and counter-allegations are an indicator that covert foreign support has even led to a terror attack in Lucknow, the real intent of these attacks is still to come to surface. Even though several people who could foresee what was coming were warning the Government time and again, fact remains that the Government failed to act in time yet again.

The real intent will come to surface when we see that Lucknow was visited by the Ambassadors/High Commissioners of Israel, Great Britain and the US during the last six months. Senior diplomats related to these countries too visited Lucknow on several occasions. What further compounds the situation is that meetings were not carried out with UP Government representatives but more with Muslim leaders known for their Wahabi leanings. Question arises whether these embassy/high commission senior staff persons merely visited Nadwa to have a look at the beautiful building or for the sake of a good dinner? Dinners were hoisted in which prominent Muslims were invited. Several Muslim Ulemas and leaders even went to meet them in hotel rooms. The situation was further compounded by the visits of Imam-e-Haram to Nadwa and Deoband. Those who are aware know that Imama-e-Harams are not religious heads but political appointees. While no Imam-e-Haram considered India worth a visit during the past 50 years, why all of a sudden so many of them planned their visit here during the past one year? Even at the time of their visits, it was brought to light that hundreds of crore rupees were brought to Lucknow, but the Government didn’t react. Huge sums up to the tune of a few hundred crores were even given for establishment of certain educational institutions. Why??? Why all of a sudden Israel, UK, the US and Saudi Arabia developed a special liking towards a sect of Muslims, known for its militant role in so many countries across the world?

Question is why all this now? We will have to look at the emerging world scenario to know the answer. Fact of the matter is that the US and its allies have already ‘conquered’ Sunni ruled states like Iraq and Afghanistan. Sunni monarchs of countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain have aligned themselves with the US policy in their own interests. It is time now to target Iran (mostly Shia) and its allies like Syria and Lebanon. For those unaware, Shias constitute more than 40% of the entire Muslim population in the Middle East, including Iran. Ever since the Iranian Islamic revolution and its subsequent support to the Palestinian and other Muslim causes, a lot many Sunnis across the world had begun to support Iran. Through escalating Sunni-Shia conflicts across the world, the US and its allies want to diminish the moral support that Sunnis would have otherwise given to Iran, in case of a conflict. Saudia’s links with a section of Muslims, known as Wahabi Muslims, is coming handy, who even went to the extent of supporting a terror act on Indian soil, on none other but fellow Muslims, to incite Shia-Sunni rivalry. The matter is further compounded further by naïve and illiterate Muslims, who fall prey to the divisionary tactics being carried out by ‘paid’ Ulemas on both sides. Indian Government has done nothing to curb the menace that is slowly engulfing our great country.

Real News Intl. News Bureau