Roving Eye Photo-Speaks Exclusive: Special drive to bring down the Narendra Modi hoardings and kiosks

The fate of 'The Narendra Modi Rally' Outdoor Campaign

The fate of ‘The Narendra Modi Rally’ Outdoor Campaign

‘Roving Eye Photo-Speaks’ Exclusive: BJP, willing to make Narendra Modi’s Delhi rally a success, is leaving no stone unturned to reach out to the public at large. Hoardings and kiosks are being put up. Posters have been pasted all over Delhi. BJP’s Minority Morcha even went to the extent of distributing pamphlets outside the mosques after Friday prayers. As BJP activists burn the night oil to put up hoardings and kiosks, an equally vigilant drive is on bring down the hoardings and kiosks as early as possible.

Says an employee deputed to bring down the hoardings: “We have been told to bring down all the hoardings and kiosks at the earliest. They may try to paint the city saffron with kiosks and posters, we will see to it that they are taken down as fast as possible.”

A senior officer, on condition of anonymity however refutes that this is a special exercise of any sort. “As per law, posters, banners, kiosks, etc. cannot be put up without proper sanction,” says he. Yes, we agree, sir that this rule has been applicable for several years now. But since when have you started implementing it on the political persons and parties?

Courtesy Real News International News Bureau