ICCI announces formation of regional chapter for UP


Leading businessmen, top corporate executives and community elite joining hands to strengthen the apex body of Imamia community

RNI, Lucknow, February 24, 2014:

logoThe Imamia Chamber of Commerce and Industry has announced the formation of regional chapter for UP. This was conveyed in a press conference organized here today by Syed Quaim (the Executive President of ICCI) along with Maj. SJM Jafri (the Executive Director, ICCI). Addressing the press gathering, Saiyed Quaim informed that Najmul Hasan Rizvi will henceforth be the Chapter Chairman for Uttar Pradesh. Syedd Quaim also announced that a full-fledged chapter office will be established in Lucknow soon. The newly appointed UP Chapter Chairman Najmul Hasan Rizvi too was present on the occasion.

File photo of Najmul Hasan Rizvi, Chapter Chairman, UP - ICCI

File photo of Najmul Hasan Rizvi, Chapter Chairman, UP – ICCI

Emphasizing the objectives of formation of ICCI, Syedd Quaim said: “The challenge before the community elite was clear: even after 66 years of Indian independence, the Imamia or shia community, well over 30 million strong, still remain one of the most economically challenged in the country. How do we bring these 30 million, of whom over 65% are under 30 years, into the economic mainstream of the national and global economy?

With this challenge in mind, the Imamia Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) was recently formed with a ‘vision to actively facilitate and enable an environment in which the business and enterprise of the Imamia community can flourish.’”

Elaborating on the process of formation of the Executive Body of ICCI, Major SJM Jafri said that “with an aim to institutionalize and accelerate the vision execution, the ICCI members underwent a national exercise recently to elect the office bearers of ICCI at a meeting organized at Delhi’s CEAI Bhawan. This election was held consequent to three foundation meetings held at Mumbai, Delhi and Lucknow.”

The meeting convened by Major SJM Jafri (Executive Director, ICCI) in Delhi saw members from across the country electing office bearers of ICCI. Mr. Syed Safawi, a Delhi based corporate leader, was unanimously elected as the President of the ICCI. Given the significant task at hand, it was also decided by the members that an Executive President shall also be appointed so as to assist the President to take care of daily execution of the Chamber’s activities. Mr. Syed Quaim, a Mumbai based businessman (MD, Exhicon Group, Mumbai) was suggested for Executive President, which was unanimously endorsed by the members. Hyderabad based businessman Mr. Mujahid Husain (MD, Olive Hospital, Hyderabad) was elected as Secretary of ICCI while Mr. MB Naqvi (MD, Media Today Group) was elected as Jt. Secretary. The members also voted for Dr. Jami Hossain (Director, Windforce Management Services, Gurgaon) as Vice President and Mr. Hussain Ahmad as Treasurer.

While talking to the media persons here today, Major Jafri informed that at the conclusion of the elections, Syed Safawi, while accepting the responsibility of President of ICCI had said: “It is indeed an honor to be appointed as the Founding President of ICCI. The task before us at ICCI is clear: how does ICCI quickly become the national voice of the Imamia business community and build awareness, both internally and externally within the government and other institutions, on issues that impede business and enterprise growth in the community and therefore become the bridge and advocate. This will enable the transformation towards the economic mainstreaming of the community businesses and therefore nation building.” He had further said: “We would want the community youth to become employers themselves through enterprise rather than only look for employment.” To provide regional focus, five chapters of ICCI too were approved, he informed.

Saiyed Quaim announced that five chapters of ICCI were approved and the name of Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi (Social Worker and Manager, Tauhidul Muslimeen Trust, Lucknow) was proposed as Chapter Chairman for UP which was endorsed by the members. Likewise, Mr. Qamar Abaas (MD, True Count Systems, Noida) was chosen as the Chapter Chairman (Delhi NCR), Mr. Mohsin Ali Vakil (CMD, Vakil Housing Pvt. Ltd.) as Chapter Chairman (Karnataka) and Syed Raza Abbas as Chapter Chairman (Maharashtra). The Chapter Chairman of Hyderabad would be announced soon, he said.

Saiyed Quaim also informed that “With an aim to strengthen better community contact and external coordination, five working committees or cells of ICCI were also proposed and approved. They are; the Loans and Angel Funding Committee, the Legal/Regulatory/Financial/Governance Advisory Committee; the third as Employment and Skill Development Cell; the fourth being the Media Wing  and the fifth being the Membership and member communication committee.” “Mr. Javed Jafri, the famous film personality would be the ICCI brand ambassador,” he said.

Several prominent businessmen, senior corporate leaders and community intelligentsia have already joined ICCI and a lot more have shown interest from across India so as to contribute through ICCI. There is special focus on creating Women and Youth cells within the ICCI, to ensure their increased access to and involvement in business and enterprise.


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