They Are the Champions in Academics @ Unity


2 (1024x697)Unity’s jubilant celebration at its Annual Felicitation Ceremony was heightened amidst the festive season of gaiety and myriad colours on the eve of Holi. On the fortunate evening of 16th March, 2014, the meritorious students of the ICSE and ISC 2013 were honoured and applauded along with their educators for the best results. It is an honour that elevates each achiever and acts like a catalyst for higher accomplishments.

As per the theme of the ceremony ‘Unity in Diversity’, an ensemble of spiritual leaders from different religions graced the auspicious occasion. Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji, Founder- Art of Living was the Chief Guest for the occasion. He is better known as the ambassador of religious harmony and world peace for his philanthropic mission and rehabilitation services across the world, espically in Iraq. He upholds the teachings and sacrifices of Hazrat Imam Husain (A.S.), and urges people to follow the Imam in fighting corruption and oppression fearlessly. The Chief Guest praised Janab Kalbe Sadiq for his concept of unity that is evident in name and form at Unity College. He further said that sensitivity as well as sensibility is the need of the hour in the present scenario of violence, because of diversity in, thought and concepts. He stressed that distances create fear- so they should be removed by communication. All religious scriptures render the same life values in us.3 (1024x435)

The Guests of Honour were Rev Fr. Ignatius D’Souza, Gyani Jagjeet Singh, Shri Bhikku Davendra Thero, Qaziye Shahar Mufti Abul Irfan Farangi Mahali, Maulana Prof. Dr. Syed Ali Mohd. Naqavi, Chairman Department of Shia Theology, AMU Aligarh and Swami Sachidananda Bharathi. The benign presence of these renowned dignitaries under one roof added an all-embracing intellectual elegance to the assemblage. At the onset of the function, the divine renditions from the Quran, the Bible, the Bhagwat Geeta and the Gurugranth Saheb emphasized the enlightening message of education that binds all irrespective of different castes, religions, communities or nationalities. Then the Principal read the College Report with pride mentioning the landmark achievements of the Session 2012-13.

1 (1024x642)As the evening was solely dedicated to success, the ISC toppers Amaan Haider Zaidi of Science and Anamta Ali of Commerce, and the ICSE hi-fliers Nausheen Hasan of Science and

Tanzeem Fatima of Commerce were conferred with awards, medals and scholarships that enlisted Late Syed Husain Memorial, Late Mukhtar Husain Memorial for Mathematics, T.Z. Naqvi for Biology, Mohini Saxena and Unity College Scholarships. Alongwith them scores of brilliant achievers of the same batch were also honoured.

Next in the array of awardees was Unity College II Shift that administers a free education programme for the underprivileged and the downtrodden. The students were no lesser achievers in the High school and Intermediate 2013. The toppers Ali Zaidi (X) and Afreen Fatima (X) led a long queue of Good First divisioners of both the classes.

The moment of pride was shared by the teachers who ministered the best results in the Boards, the most popular teacher, the best support staff from the twin institutions- Unity College and Unity College-II shift.

The off campus Excellence Awards were a magnanimous part of the ceremony. Dr. Nahid Abidi clinched the coveted award for achieving excellence in the field of Sanskrit Language, Dr. Parveen Talha in the field of Social Service and Muzzammil Jamal in All India Engineering Services.

At last, the College President Dr. S. Kalbe Sadiq addressed the students and reiterated his strong views that education is the one and only means that can better the life of people, empower them and unite them too. Then he urged the students to strive for excellence and only excellence in every field.

The ceremony concluded with a thanksgiving note and bundles of smiles from the students.