MEA replaces Section Officer (Attestation) without intimation to Embassies

MEAMEA has replaced the Section Officer George Lakra who was in charge of attestation till now with incumbent Trilok Chand. Though MEA is entitled in its capacity to put in place any office to handle attestation of documents, the move without intimation to the concerned embassies has enhanced the problems of travel agents as well as individuals.

George Lakra was working as the section officer (attestation) in MEA for about couple of years. As per information available, certain anonymous complaints against him at the behest of one of the five companies working as accredited agencies of MEA for attestation, decision to replace George Lakra with Trilok Chand was taken. Trilok Chand started attesting the documents but since MEA failed to inform various foreign embassies processing the documents further, some of them have refused to further authenticate the documents until the information related to new joining is authenticated by MEA.

One such embassy is the Saudi Embassy which is returning all the documents attested by Trilok Chand until it receives an official confirmation from MEA in this regard. This has enhanced the problems of travel agents as well as common people who have to wait in Delhi for a few more days until the documents the embassies get an official confirmation and start processing the documents.

One such person scheduled to travel to Dhammam, said on condition of anonymity that he had submitted his documents in MEA on Monday through one of the 5 accredited agencies. After getting his documents attested from MEA (which were attested by Trilok Chand), the documents were submitted to the Saudi Embassy on Wednesday through an agent, but the embassy returned the papers saying that the signatures of the signing authority in MEA doesn’t match with the signatures in its record. This person has already made flight bookings for Dhammam on Friday and fears that if the embassy doesn’t get official communication from MEA soon, he might have to get his bookings rescheduled.

Hundreds of documents are submitted at MEA (attestation cell) every day through its 5 accredited agents. This is mandatory since various embassies process the documents further only when the document is first attested by the MEA.