Enjoy the romance of seasonal India through Seerat’s exuberant themes at Surajkund Mela


DSC_0073India is an enchanting land of beauty. Be it spring, be it summer, monsoon, autumn or winter – every season has its own beauty, charm and its festivities. It is a land blessed by nature with all the seasons.

Is it possible for human creative genius to depict the bounties of nature in its varied hues and shades? If you believe it is not possible, think again. Or rather look again! If you really wish to see shades of seasons, created by an artist, with focus on the romance of seasons that is visible in India, its villages and its cities, visit the Surajkund Mela 2015 which is on till 15th of February. Once you are there, you will see for yourself how Seerat Narendra’s creative genius has left its mark not on a canvas few feet by few feet in dimension but on the entire length and breadth of Surajkund Mela ground.

It is said that artistry constantly pushes the boundaries of beauty, through three key pillars: discovery, imagination and invention.

Photo Seerat Narendra

Photo Seerat Narendra

True artist use their creative genius through exuberant blend of the three key pillars to create superior art work. Seerat Narendra has done exactly the same to the Surajkund mela ground so much so that for the visitors, not merely the stalls, but the mela ground itself has become an attraction. Visitors to the fare can be seen jostling with each other to get photographs clicked in front of one or the other depiction of her theme. Great enthusiasm of visitors to get photographs clicked in front of various theme designs at times even become irritating for Seerat and her team when the theme designs get repeatedly damaged and they have to mend or replace them.

Tells Seerat about the theme that has enchanted and mesmerised so many visitors this year: “This time our theme revolves around the Romance of the Seasons subtly touching/reflecting the decorative elements of some of the prominent festivals via its colours of that particular season.”

DSC_0054Seerat has created a harmonious theme across the length and breadth of Surajkund mela ground. Describing this, Seerat says the theme is synonymous of nature which subtly fades/merges a season into another. Likewise, humans also mingle, celebrate, respect and cherish beauties of each other’s festivals and cultures, leading to smooth transition from one into the other.

Adds Seerat: “Basant Panchami or Valantine’s day are prominent during Spring, Budh Poornima, Eid or bright Sun and the moon delights in a clear sky in Summer, Teej, Janmashtami or dancing peacocks are symbolic of Monsoon, elephant procession during Dussehra, decorative Diyas of Diwali reflects the beauty of Autumn, and Christmas enlivens the mood during winter. These are the concepts that pan around the Mela ground.”

IMG-20150130-WA0006Surajkund Mela is at it is known across the world for its splash of colours, rhythms of drum beats and joy de-vivre. The Mela celebrates the unique diversity of Indian traditions and culture, showcasing some of the most exquisite handlooms and handicrafts of India.

In short, the Mela is a celebration of Indian folk traditions and cultural heritage. Seerat’s contribution is immense because she has used her creative genius to give an ambience which even outstands the work of the multitude of artists who have gathered at the Mela to showcase their talent and artistry. The ambience that was meant to serve as backdrop has in fact become central pieces of attraction; vibrant expressions of happiness and cheer that infuses every visitor with joy.

By Aziz Haider for Traworld/RNI News Agency