Property owners in Delhi markets uniting to protest against Narendra Modi Government’s policies

Local Shopping Centre

Greater Kailash II M-Block Market, Government’s flip-flop policies have begun sounding a death knell for such local shopping centres

Anger is brewing against Narendra Modi Government among property owners in various Delhi markets who are gearing up to launch a protest drive on big scale against Centre’s flip-flop policies. Believed till date to be having a special inclination towards BJP, this community of mostly traders and businessmen is set to launch a massive protest within various Local Shopping Centre’s in Delhi. This will include demonstrations, shutting down the shutters in Local Shopping Centers spread all across Delhi and stopping shoppers from coming to these markets.

The protest will continue until the Government listens to their demands and ends the existing disparity between conversion charges from residential to commercial areas in Local Shopping Centres and residential properties on Notified Roads, all across Delhi. Leading this drive against Narendra Modi Government’s policies are the Local Shopping Centres in various colonies of Greater Kailash and other local markets in various posh South Delhi colonies.

The attempt presently is to unite representatives from all LSCs to form a Market Federation. This market federation will soon launch a city-wide stir against the Central government.

Local Shopping Centres were developed in various planned colonies in Delhi to enable a good hassle free shopping environment for residents of these colonies. But the new rules framed by the Central Government are threatening to change the very purpose why these shopping centres were created.

As per the new rules, residential properties on newly notified roads in the Capital are being allowed mixed land use for which the conversion charges from residential to commercial are approximately Rs. 6000 per sq. metre. However, residential floor (Upper Floor) to commercial conversion in an existing LSC is at an enhanced rate of approximately Rs. 89000 per square metre.

Property owners in LSCs are of opinion that this disparity is meant to encourage commercialization taking place in residential areas and discourage commercialization at existing LSCs. They are questioning the very thought process behind this policy of Central Government.

The rampant commercialization resulting from the above mentioned policy is jeopardizing the peaceful existence of residential colonies. The notified roads are congested with haphazardly parked vehicles, leading to traffic snarls and jams. However, most, if not all LSCs have ample parking space to accommodate vehicles of shoppers and shopkeepers at all given times. These parking lots are generating revenue for the Municipal Corporation as well.

Owners of properties in LSCs are of opinion that this new ruling is threatening to alter the very purpose of demarcating such market spaces in the Master Plan. As per the Master Plan, the sole purpose of LSC was to accommodate commercial activities of the surrounding residential areas. However, this policy is discouraging owners of properties in LSCs and prospective tenants of these properties to engage in commercial activity and enabling and encouraging them to move out to residential areas and seek properties on notified roads. This is threatening the very existence of LSCs, which will make the LSCs fail and lose their purpose in the near future.

The demand of property owners in LSC is simple. The Urban Development Ministry should with immediate effect bring parity to the conversion charges either by increasing charges of properties on notified roads to Rs. 89000 square metre or reducing the fixed conversion charges for upper floors in LSCs to Rs. 6000 per metre. The RWAs and market associations have taken up this cause at various levels but the demand has met deaf ears so far.

RNI News Agency