Social Organization asks Delhi Govt to spell out policy for opening of new schools in Delhi

A Non-Profit Social Organization, claiming to be seriously engaged in working towards creating social awareness and reform in the society, since 1987 has asked the Delhi Government to spell out its policy for opening of new schools in Delhi. This demand has been made in the wake of new schools mushrooming up on regular basis in the Capital on plots of 70 to 80 square yards or even lesser.

Despite rulings prohibiting coming up of new primary schools in Delhi on land less than 800 square yards, there are schools which come up on just one floor of a building or in apartments, wherein remaining floors of the building are given on rent to others or work as the residence of the plot owner. Our correspondent has even found office of one such newly opened school working in the garage of a house.

The opening of new schools on small pieces of land has picked up since the coming of present Government in Delhi. As per an estimate, about 50 to 60 new schools are opening up in Delhi on small pieces of land almost on daily basis.

The letter written by Social Workers Association says: “In recent past, the Delhi Government had allowed schools that had been in existence from 2009 or before to function on 200 square yards of land. Though it had been decided that schools functioning on land less than 200 square yards will not be allowed to function, no policy decision has been taken so far and innumerable such schools continue to function in Delhi. We agree that it will require a big displacement of students if such schools are closed, the government should take a decision on schools that have opened up on small plots after 2009. At least no new schools should be allowed to come up now. Lack of policy decision is leading to opening up of new schools even now on plots as small as 70-80 square yards, and even on just one floor of a multi-storied house.”

The NGO has also desired that the Education Department relook at the files of several schools who applied for recognition earlier and were in possession of 200 square yards of land but their files have been closed by officers on one pretext or other, some of which are false or fabricated. It has been demanded that all such schools should be given recognition immediately so that they are able to shoulder the burden of Government schools, in low-income group colonies.

The Association has demanded that the Delhi Government come forward with its guidelines for opening of new schools without delay and at the beginning of the new session so that no new schools on land area 70-80 square yards or even lesser are allowed to come up and further clutter the already unruly and dishevelled education scenario in the country’s capital.

RNI (Real News Intl.) news agency