Lynching to power

Mashal Khan, a 23 year old journalism student was seized from his dorm room by a mob that stripped and beat him, then shot him dead on 13 April 2017 in Mardan in North West Pakistan. Khan was accused of offending Islam (Rasmussen and Baloch 2017). In the month of May 2017, a mob attacked a police station demanding that Prakash Kumar, a 34 year old Hindu, arrested under blasphemy laws of Pakistan, be handed over to the mob (AFP 2017). Just over a week later, a mob attacked a mentally ill man who claimed to be a prophet at his local mosque in north-western Chitral (Pakistan). He was rescued by police. The spate of incidents followed government of Pakistan’s drive against blasphemy. Unproven allegations of “insult to Islam” led to dozens of mob attacks or murders since 1990 in Pakistan.

India is trying to catch up with Pakistan with spate of mob lynching after the BJP Govt. was elected to power in May 2014, different only with regards to minor details. Replace the allegation of “insult to Islam” with “cow slaughter” and you get same lawlessness and lynch mentality on this side of the border. The similarities between Pakistani – jihadi if you prefer the term – and Hindu supremacist lynch mobs are many – on both sides of the border the blood thirsty lynch mobs were encouraged by specific legislations – blasphemy laws in case of Pakistan and anti-cow slaughter laws in case of India.

The lynch mobs on both sides of the border target their respective minorities with the state law and order machinery laid back and taking little action against the members of lynch mob. They target the economically poor, politically weak and socially marginalized within the minorities. Not the elite within the minorities. The lynch mobs do not target owners of the beef packaging and exporting industry and large slaughter houses. Slaughter of large number of cows and progeny would come to a near halt if fear of God was put in the owners of beef exporting industry.

Instead of taking strict punitive action under law against the members of lynch mob, the machinery mandated to uphold law and order investigate the allegations made by the mob against their victims. Booking the victims of the lynch mob is meant as a measure to appease the blood thirsty mob. The Pakistani police registered offence against Prakash Kumar. In case of Mashal Khan, Abdul Wali Khan University launched an inquiry whether Khan insulted Islam. In the case of Dadri lynching, the police sent sample of meat to laboratory for testing whether it was beef.

In both countries, the lynch mob enjoy patronage of politicians from the ruling party and dominant religio-political organization – Hindu supremacist in India and Islamic fundamentalist organizations in Pakistan. In both the Countries, law abiding citizens were horrified by the violence invoking religious issues. Protestors in India protested in various cities and towns under NotInMyName campaign after lynching of a teenage boy Junaid in Haryana. Protesters gathered across Pakistan, calling for justice after lynching of Mashal Khan. Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Nawaz Sharif condemned the murder – although it took him two days. Prime Minister Modi too condemned the so called “gau rakshaks” for records more than nudging the police to act against them effectively.

Indian Constitution is democratic, whereas Pakistan is believed to be dominated by “jihadi” ideology. While there have been only about a dozen lynching in Pakistan since 1990, in India, media reported 33 incidents of mob lynching since the year 2015 beginning with Dadri. Some say there were 67 incidents since 2015. 18 persons, including one Hindu, were killed and 71 persons were injured. 7 of the 71 injured in the lynching have been Hindus and 14 dalits. Two incidents of lynching took place in Karnataka and one each in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Assam, West Bengal and Bihar. Whereas 26 lynching incidents have taken place in BJP ruled states, including Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashtra, UP, MP, Jharkhand and Jammu & Kashmir.

We are made to believe by the lynch mobs in Pakistan that they are protecting Islam and the lynch mobs in India that they are protecting cows. Wrong. Neither Islam needs protection of lynch mobs nor are the cows protected by them. In fact their actions endanger both – cow and Islam. Pakistani lynch mobs are in fact defaming Islam by their violent actions. Experts have pointed out that the peasant would not be able to bear the burden to maintain a cow beyond its lactation period and they may opt for other milch animals and the number of cows in the country may drastically go down. The animators and leaders of lynch mobs have other objectives which we would like inquire into a little later. “Silence of the majority”

Lynching is possible in a context wherein a social group is demonized and stigmatized for years, particularly the minorities in Pakistan and India. Minorities are demonized so frequently and so widely using media and social media platforms that they are perceived as anti-nationals and loyal to the “enemy” state. Just because a few Muslim women wear veils and a few Muslim men wear skull cap and grow beard, they are stigmatized as fanatics whereas Hindus applying “tilaks” on their foreheads women wearing “mangalsutra” or Sikhs wearing their headgear and carrying “kirpan” are not perceived as religious fanatics.

Such perceptions do not emerge from nowhere. Differences of way of life are politicised. PM Modi when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat had demonized Muslims to be breading like rabbits in relief camps and denied any material support to hapless displaced of riots in 2002. The PM Vajpayee had to remind the CM of Gujarat of his “raj dharma”. Maneka Gandhi, Minister for women and child welfare without any evidence said that the profits from cow slaughter are funding terrorism in the country. The Jains and Hindus are owners of largest slaughter houses and have substantial stake in beef export market earning huge profits. Why would they fund terrorism? Sakshi Maharaj, a BJP MP said “madrasas” are training grounds of terrorists. Amit Shah, BJP President during campaign in Bihar state elections said that Pakistan would celebrate the defeat of BJP! He had earlier during the General election campaign called upon his Hindu audience to take revenge of Muzaffarnagar communal violence. These are just a few examples of demonization of Muslim and Christian minorities by Hindu supremacists for many years and now they have become conventional wisdom.

State functionaries ignore these hate crimes and remain silent. They shirk their Constitutional mandate and duty to bring those committing hate crimes to justice. This strengthens the assumption within the people that the averments may be true. People then come to believe that the law of the land and criminal justice system is not effective to tackle these criminal, unpatriotic and anti-national traitors that the minorities are.

Lynching receives silent approval of the majority in this backdrop. Mere allegation is enough to believe that a Muslim driver transporting cattle or meat in spite of all necessary permits is a “cow smuggler” or a co-conspirator in cow slaughter. Similarly, in Pakistan, mere allegation that a Hindu or a Christian has insulted Islam or Prophet is sufficient to be convinced of their guilt. This assumption of guilt gives rise to silence of the majority. Large majority of populace of the country is converted into believing the allegations of animator of the lynch mobs without any question. Mashal was lynched in Pakistan, the other students were silent spectators as no one even asked what did Mashal Khan do or say! 16 year old Junaid Khan could be stabbed to death and thrown out of the train as all the passengers were silent spectators. Media reports suggest that even on the railway platform on which Junaid bled to death, no one came forward to speak to the police. The credentials of the animators and members of the lynch mobs do not matter. They may be bullies or extortionists or even criminals often having political ambition.

The lynch squads pretending to be “gau rakshaks” have been functioning Gujarat since at least over a decade. There are over three scores of them in Ahmedabad alone and many more in other towns of Gujarat. The lynch squads are well networked under patronage of a politician and they cultivate informers all over the place. The squad receives information of vehicles transporting animals from one place to another and whose driver or owner is a Muslim. On receiving such information, their animator/leader assembles the members, sets up unauthorized blockades on road. After the vehicle is stopped, the first thing they do is snatch all the permits that the driver of the vehicle may show  (Engineer 2014). At times they extort money and allow the vehicle to carry on and at times they start lynching, they may video graph the whole lynching, summon the police and hand them over. The video is uploaded on social media to exhibit the prowess of the lynch squad. The police would then charge the victims of the lynch squad under anti-cow slaughter legislations and other laws. If a lynch squad is able to mount several such operations, their leader establishes himself as a local bully and has an accelerated political career in the party wherein Hindu supremacist seek opportunities. Hate crimes create silent spectators which enables lynching and which in turn is used as an instrument to deepen demonization of the minorities.”Objectives of lynch mobs”

The lynch mobs have a political objective rather than religious one they pretend to have. If the Pakistani lynch mobs wanted to serve or “save” Islam, they should be saying their prayers, observing fast, serving the orphans and the needy through charity and treading the straight path in accordance with Qur’anic guidance, as many pious Muslims do. The lynch mob masquerading as “gau rakshaks” would not ignore the stray cows and hungry suffering cows in the “gaushalas” across the country receiving grants from tax payer’s funds. The lynch mobs and their patronisers desire an accelerated political career. Having legally and politically survived lynching operations, their participants have a sense of empowerment and above law. The lynch mobs establish their hegemony not only over the state machinery, but also over politically and socio-economically marginalized sections of the society, including minorities, dalits and other backward classes.

They enforce through coercion the will and way of life of socially hegemonic and privileged upper castes. The Pakistani lynch mobs establish their hegemony not only over the Hindu and Christian minorities but also over Ahmediya, Shias and rationalists. Lynching is leading to Wahabisation of Islam in Pakistan and reinforcing caste based hierarchies, and traditional upper caste and Khap panchayat morality in India. The lynchers trigger off political processes that strengthen patriarchy and control over women’s body, mind and movements. They politically push for more authoritarian state enforcing cultural norms and will of the upper caste. They undermine the concept of citizenship and push the society towards  mental ghettoization and acceptance of hegemony of community over the individual.

Resisting lynch mobs and speaking against them is not only in the interest of minorities directly threatened but also in the interest of society in general and democracy in particular. The majority will have to break their silence and be vocal against all forms of violence.

Irfan Engineer

Indian media poses hard-hitting questions to Erdogan who tries to corner India by raking up the Kashmir issue

Questions are being asked about visiting Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan by the Indian media over his human rights record within Turkey, who in turn has tried to pressurize India by raking up the Kashmir issue. The splinter groups affiliated to the Gulen movement of Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulen who has been branded as a terrorist organization by Erdogan and who are fairly active in India, even managing several schools across the country, too have begun criticizing the Erdogan visit.

Erdogan’s Government responds to various criticisms by saying it is because of its courageous stand on issues like Palestinian rights, Syrian refugee crisis, etc. that the world is up in arms against it. It is to be noted that ahead of meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Turkish President Erdogan had controversially suggested a “multi-lateral dialogue” to resolve the Kashmir issue to ensure peace in the region. “We should not allow more casualties to occur (in Kashmir). By having a multi-lateral dialogue, (in which) we can be involved, we can seek ways to settle the issue once and for all,” President Erdogan had told a local Turkish channel ahead of his visit to New Delhi.

“All around the world, there is no better option than keeping the channel of dialogue open. If we contribute towards global peace, we can get a very positive result,” he said.

Responding to this, Ruchi Ghanshyam, Secretary (West) in the External Affairs Ministry  had said that India’s position on Jammu and Kashmir is very well known  that it is an integral part of the country. “We have always emphasised that India-Turkey relations stand on their own footing and, we believe, the Turkish side reciprocates our sentiment,” Ruchi Ghanashyam had said.

War of words between Gulen supporters based in Delhi and the Erdogan government too has escalated on the side-lines of the visit. While President Erdogan is known to carry his personalised, domestic, anti-Gulen agenda during his foreign trip. It is likely that he would push for his anti-Gulen agenda on his visit to New Delhi, including the Gulen-inspired schools and coaching institutions that are running in various parts of the country, whereas Indian Government need to be cautious in responding to Erdogan’s anti-Gulen request from legal and political point of view but also must take into consideration the relevance of the Gulen movement for integration of Indian Muslims in the country.

Erdogan’s raising of the Kashmir issue and his praise of Nawaz Sharif prior to his visit to India is being seen in the light of the hidden agenda that Erdogan carries and is likely to push forth during his India visit.

Turkish President’s visit to the Jamia Millia campus too has come in the storm. Some students and alumni have opposed Jamia’s decision to present Erdogan with an honorary doctorate degree claiming his involvement in “blatant human rights violation” and acting like “a dictator in Turkey”. Jamia, on the other hand, maintain that Erdogan is visiting Jamia because it is the only institution in the country which provides academic courses in Turkish language and literature and is citing the age-old Indo-Turkish relationship and the likely boost to educational relationship between the two countries that Erdogan’s Jamia visit is likely to give.

Destruction: Bush started it, Trump will complete

The fact that perhaps nowhere in the world, a leader elected through the process of elections has taken charge in the midst of such opposition within his country as he has not bothered him. The masses on the streets within his own country do not perturb him. The opposition from the larger world does not disturb him. He is shouting not only at his own people but also at the Prime Ministers of ally countries (Australia). If he succeeds in fulfilling his term of four years, in all probability he will end up leaving America a divided nation. Even the countries that willingly or unwillingly sided with it in its wars since 9/11 will be standing opposite to it?.. But almost always positives follow negatives. Trump’s mission of hatred has already started generating sympathies for Muslims within America as well as outside. It may herald a new revolution in America, which will hopefully make it a much more civilized nation caring for peace than it has been in the past century. It might well bring out a new phase of close relationship with not only certain Muslim rulers but the larger Muslim world.  The danger however is that  hopes are belied and hatred wins. If this happens, the Doomsday Clock will move rapidly towards Midnight. One can only wish Trump the megalomaniac finds someone who can soon treat him and make a normal person.

With 9/11 began the destruction of America. Not that the attack on Twin Towers was responsible for it. It began because America reacted wrongly, abruptly and unjustly. It did not take George W Bush more than a few minutes before he declared the attack a work of al-Qaeda. Instead of allowing the inquiries to establish the cause, it embarked on a mission of destruction. This was the “defining moment” for the US. It could have acted in many different ways. The delicateness of the position of the only Super Power of the world at that critical juncture was understandable. A tiger had been challenged in its own den. It was natural for the tiger to be furious, ready to pounce, whoever it thought could have been behind the attacks. Yet, instead of fighting ‘terrorism’ with human wisdom, it chose to fight it with the instincts of the wild animal. The US could have given a serious thought as to why there was a growing hatred in the Muslim world for its policies. It could have invited an international debate to discuss what was required to minimize the hatred. It could have taken Islamic clerics and intellectuals into confidence. Instead it chose to threaten the whole world; the jaw was demonstrated and the teeth ground implying that anyone not ready to abide the orders of the king would be crushed and engulfed. With all of its might, the US attacked Afghanistan, reduced its already dilapidated cities to ruins, killed thousands of innocents along with Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters and replaced the Government of Mullah Omar with its puppet government of Karzai.  The Muslim world was furious; their fury however had an empty jaw with no teeth.

Many Muslims had reconciled to the attacks by the US on Afghanistan. They felt it would perhaps silence the fury of the wounded tiger. The end of Afghanistan’s Taliban regime provided a golden opportunity again for the US to bury the hatchet and concentrate on improving the relationship with Muslim masses. It had already dismantled the infrastructure of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. It could have continued to hunt its elements while trying to befriend Muslims in general. But the tiger’s anger had not subsided. It was ready to engulf another prey, which in its mind, and only in its mind, was a threat to it; none in the world could see what the tiger was trying to show them. Without waiting for the UN inspectors to find Weapons of Mass Destruction, the US embarked upon a mission, which would prove to be nothing more than a mission of hatred: which would flare the flames of terrorism rather than extinguishing them; which would make ordinary Muslims believe the US and its allies were bent upon destroying, with their innumerable weapons of mass destruction, the very existence of their religion, their culture and their sovereignty.  What followed was nothing but shear madness. Iraq was invaded with the overwhelming might of the US and allied forces. Saddam Hussein was overthrown soon. But the real carnage followed after his exit. Even those who hated Saddam Hussein soon turned enemies of the allied forces. Insurgency emerged strongly and has continued even after several years of invasion. About three hundred thousands of Iraqis have lost lives. American and British forces started facing an uphill task in controlling the insurgency. Ultimately, they worked on an exit strategy.

But nothing has worked so far. The Iraq invasion has totally annihilated the sympathy that had been generated allover the world for the US in the wake of 9/11. The hatred for the US policies has now become ubiquitous. Subsequently, the US changed its strategy from imposing wars to encouraging civil wars and exporting armed rebellions.

In recent years, Western role has been prominently there in all the conflicts in the Middle East. But again, it can be seen that their weapons go to the side,which toes their lines, and against those which have refused to surrender to their diktats. And always, the media would blame the loss of lives on the forces that are not pro-West.

In his last two years, Obama seemed to have had some change of heart. He had perhaps started realizing the madness and showed signs of reversing the trend. In last few months of office, he tried to present himself as the epitome of peace. He had perhaps realized that the destruction is never one-sided. It soon starts hitting back the destroyer. America’s position has considerably declined as the sole world power. Obama to a certain extent succeeded in restoring the economy. But Trump is determined to undo whatever good Obama tried. Initially it looked possible that his loud talks were only a ploy to win the elections. But after taking over the White House, he looks determined to tread the road of destruction. Instead of acting as a leader, he is behaving like amegalomaniac who wants to impose his will on the whole world without caring even the least about the repercussions. The fact that perhaps nowhere in the world, a leader elected through the process of elections has taken charge in the midst of such opposition within his country as he has not bothered him. The masses on the streets within his own country do not perturb him. The opposition from the larger world does not disturb him. He is shouting not only at his own people but also at the Prime Ministers of ally countries (Australia). If he succeeds in fulfilling his term of four years, in all probability he will end up leaving America a divided nation. Even the countries that willingly or unwillingly sided with it in its wars since 9/11 will be standing opposite to it.

But almost always positives follow negatives. Trump’s mission of hatred has already started generating sympathies for Muslims within America as well as outside. It may herald a new revolution in America, which will hopefully make it a much more civilized nation caring for peace than it has been in the past century. It might well bring out a new phase of close relationship with not only certain Muslim rulers but the larger Muslim world.  The danger however is that hopes are belied and hatred wins. If this happens, the Doomsday Clock will move rapidly towards Midnight. One can only wish Trump the megalomaniac finds someone who can soon treat him and make a normal person.

Dr. Javed Jamil

Syria appreciates India’s support for “interference” and need for a “political solution”

syriaThe Bashar Al-Asad Government, battered by terrorist activities of Daesh and other terrorist groups for last several years, has appreciated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement of rejecting the theory of “good” and “bad” terrorism. Damascus has also expressed thanks to Indian government and people for their principled support of “non-interference” of foreign powers in Syria and need for “political solution” for resolving the ongoing crisis in that country.

In an exclusive interview with Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi, Dr. Riad Kamel Abbas – the Ambassador of Syria to India – said: “I highly appreciate India’s stand of opposing external interference in Syria and asking for political solution” for resolving the present crisis. He also appreciated New Delhi’s position of honoring aspirations of Syrian people and extending support at international forums. “If every country adopts the same position, alike India, all problems in Syria will be resolved,” he asserted.

Appreciating Indian people’s support to the rights of Syrian people, Dr. Abbas said that Syria is facing cross border terrorism, which is well understood by Indians. Since they know the pain of the menace, Indian people fully support the Syrian people, he added.

Responding to a question about Iranian support to Damascus in the present crisis, Syrian Ambassador asserted that his government is proud of having strategic relations with Iran. “They are our brothers; always supporting us as we supported them in the past in the international arena”, the diplomat said. Tehran supports the rights of Syrian people as their foreign policy is straight-forward and justice-seeking. They support the Arabs’ cause in occupied Palestine, Lebanese resistance against Israeli occupation as well as the rights of Syrian people in Golan Heights, which are occupied by Israel.

While deliberating his views about the post-Iran’s nuclear agreement with P5+1 countries’ scenario, the Syrian ambassador said that any country in need of energy has to go to Iran, because Tehran will not sell energy with political pre-conditions. “For buying energy from Iran no country has to change her foreign policy” alike the past practice in the international market.

Dr. Riad Kamel Abbas - the Ambassador of Syria to India

Dr. Riad Kamel Abbas – the Ambassador of Syria to India

The Syrian ambassador was equally appreciative of the role played by Hassan Nasrallah lead Hezbollah of Lebanon for supporting Damascus in securing many areas from terrorists. He said: “We highly appreciate the role of Hezbollah. He further said that the resistance group was earlier supported by Syrian government against Israeli occupation of South Lebanon. Similarly Damascus also supported Palestinian resistance group Hamas. But during the present crisis Hamas hit Syrian in the back while Hezbollah rightly supported Damascus, the diplomat said.

Clarifying more about Hezbollah, Dr. Abbas said that it is wrong to believe that Hezbollah is terrorist group. This is false propaganda of U.S. and Israel, he asserted. According to him, Hezbollah resistance is for its own freedom and its actions does not create problem for any country except Israel. But on the other hand, Al-Qaeda, IS and other such groups create problems in all countries except Israel. This is the major difference between the two ideologies, he added.

Answering a question about the elements behind recent terrorist attack in Paris, the Syrian diplomat said that the attacks were planned by those people who did not like the Iranian President Hasan Rouhani’s visit to Paris. Following the agreement reached between Iran and P5 plus Germany on Nuclear program, certain elements, in the international arena, are active to arrest the growing popularity of the government of Islamic Republic of Iran, he said.

By Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi/Courtesy RNI News Agency

Religion and Constitution under threat, Muslim Personal Law Board to bring clerics from various factions for a grand rally in Amroha!

MuslimPersonalLawBoardWhile debate continues on whether the threat to a particular religion and its adherents is real or perceived, All India Muslim Personal Law Board has taken a step ahead through a grand rally at Amroha in UP titled “Deen o Dastoor Bachao” rally, translated in English as “Save the religion and constitution” rally. Needless to say, leading clerics from across India as well as secularists and sympathisers from other communities will be expressing their ire at the radical elements who, they perceive, are bent on changing the character of constitution, through a silent patronage of those who have come to power.

Venue will be Eidgah maidan in Amroha, a little distance away from the Capital, in the heart of Western Uttar Pradesh. And the date will be 10th of December, 2015. A huge gathering will be addressed by the prominent Muslim leaders like Hazrat Maulana Rabe Hasan Nadvi, Maulana Mohd. Wali Rahmani, Dr. Kalbe Sadiq, Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan Sahab and other prominent Muslim leaders. The gathering would also be addressed by prominent members of other communities like Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Lingayat and Dalit leaders.

Says Kamal Faruqi, the Convenor of the grand event at Amroha: “It is going to be a grand rally. We are expecting a few lakh people from Amroha and neighbourhood to attend. Leading Muslim clerics are uniting to give strength to their voice against a threat that is visible to all. Not just the Muslim clerics, prominent personalities from various other marginalized communities and other prominent individuals who too perceive the ramifications and grave consequences of where the nation is being led by some self-seeking rightist individuals who are even bent on changing the character of the constitution, will address the gathering.

Threat is real, particularly because those in power choose to look the other way, says the Muslim leaders

Threat is real, particularly because those in power choose to look the other way, says the Muslim leaders

Aziz Haider of RNI News, which is contributing to the cause by handling logistics related to media and communication for the rally, is of opinion that it is time now for all those who wish for a stronger and united India in future to negate these divisionary forces and this rally is just the beginning of efforts to create awareness among the largely simple and peace loving citizens of India.

The grand rally at Eidgah Maidan on 10th December will be preceded by executive committee meeting of All India Muslim Personal Law Board at Mesco Public School Dhanaura Road on 9th morning. A press conference is scheduled to be held at 4 p.m. after the executive committee meeting.

Courtesy RNI (Real News Intl.) News Agency

FIR lodged against TOI in Hyderabad and Bangalore, police complaints made in several cities across India

‘Community hurt, unwilling to relent despite apology published in the newspaper’

IMG-20150728-WA0126A First Information Report was registered under Section 295 A at Police Computer Wing, Cubbon Park PS in Bangalore and another FIR was registered at Dabeerpura PS in Hyderabad besides written complaints given in Police Stations in various cities across India against the leading newspaper The Times of India for allegedly publishing “derogatory, slanderous and blasphemous material against Ayatullah Ruhullah Khomeini, an eminent scholar, spiritual guide and leader of Muslims.” As per reports, several complaints through emails have also been sent to the Press Council of India against the newspaper.

Chief Qazi of Tamil Nadu at a police station in Chennai

Chief Qazi of Tamil Nadu at a police station in Chennai

A delegation of Ulemas also met the Mumbai commissioner Rakesh Maria and submitted a written complaint to him. Complaints were also made in Rein Bazar PS in Hyderabad by Moulana Agha Munawer Ali and others and by Maulana Adeel Raza and Maulana Azher in Manchalli PS in Alipur and in Pune. Likewise, certain Mumbai residents filed a complaint at Versova police station under the leadership of Sayyed Mohammad Fayyaz Baqir Husaini. Complaints were also given to police at Govandi and Dongri police stations in Mumbai. Meanwhile, chief qazi of Tamil Nadu also filed a complaint against TOI in Chennai.

IMG-20150728-WA0022The row erupted when The Times of India posted an article/slide show titled ‘Sex obsessed infamous leaders’, wherein they allegedly published “blasphemous and slanderous material about Imam Khomeini… alleging him to have sex with 4 years old child” and claiming that Imam Khomeini has allegedly declared that a man can have sex with young child, animals like sheep, cows and camels and he shall kill the animal after having sex. The article also had a photograph of Imam Khomeini in the backdrop. The article has since been removed from the TOI website which was followed by the newspaper publishing an apology.

Delegation of Ulema with Rakesh Maria, Police Commissioner, Mumbai

Delegation of Ulema with Rakesh Maria, Police Commissioner, Mumbai

The complaint sent to Press Council of India, the copy of which is available with RNI, says “the aforesaid acts of TOI of inciting hatred and hurting religious sentiments, maligning, tarnishing image of respectable, most revered, highly pious religious scholar is unwarranted and unacceptable in any breadth of imagination. Thus, stern action has to be taken in order to curb yellow journalism.”

When asked why issue was being made when the TOI has already published an apology and also removed the allegedly blasphemous article from its site, a cleric on condition of anonymity said that “the apology is not enough. And it is not the first time it has happened. How can they shamelessly say that Imam Khomeini had raped a 4-year old child? Imam Khomeini was one of the most pious persons that the world has seen in recent history and blaspheming against him cannot be tolerated.”IMG-20150729-WA0024IMG-20150728-WA0133IMG-20150729-WA0037IMG-20150729-WA0036

Another cleric from Hyderabad said stories like these are consequence of desperate Zionist propaganda post Iran-US nuclear agreement. India is particularly of great importance because Iran, which was put on sensitive list by the Indian government, is expecting removal from the list by the Indian authorities.

RNI News Bureau

Focus on need to develop bilateral trade and enhance tourism potential between Turkey and India during TICCI’s Delhi Chapter launch

DSC07633 (1024x648)Business elite, social dignitaries and heads of several prominent business chambers in India were present when Turkish Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry launched its Delhi Chapter at a program in The Lalit, Delhi. The event saw thrust on need to develop bilateral trade and promote commercial links between the two countries. The great tourism potential of the two countries also remained subject of discussion during the event.

Turkish Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TICCI) is a business chamber under the umbrella of Tuscon which is a confederation of businessmen and industrialists of Turkey. With its 55,000 members of business people representing about 1,40,000 companies, Tuscon is the largest non-government organization in the Turkish business community. Under Tuscon umbrella there are 7 regional business federations and 212 business affiliations. In India, the first Indo-Turkish Business Association (ITBA) was established in 2005. During the last 10 years, trade between the two countries has increased from 400 US dollars to 7 million US dollars by the efforts of ITBA. TICCI, established last year, already has six branches in India at Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai and during the launch of the sixth branch, the business and industrial pundits hoped to work for enhancing the present levels of trade and commerce between the two countries.

Speaking on the occasion, TICCI president Ersin Karaoglan said the main objective of TICCI is to develop bilateral trade and facilitate contacts for exports, joint ventures and alliances. He said his organization will work to promote the “Make in India” campaign to attract Turkish companies to invest in Indian manufacturing. He also said construction, medical tourism, infrastructure and automotive parts business are some of the areas that hold potential for joint ventures between Turkish and Indian companies.

DSC07624 (1024x726)Ersin Karaoglan informed that the value of commerce between the two countries was about $6billion in 2014, with the balance of trade in India’s favour. Dr. Jyotsna Suri said TICCI and FICCI shall jointly explore opportunities to develop commerce and industry in India between the two countries. She laid great emphasis on need to enhance tourism between the two countries, which will further facilitate trade growth. Elaborating on the potential and need to develop relations across all fields, DS Rawat announced Assocham will soon dedicate a desk to focus on business with Turkey.

As per information available with RNI, more than 150 Indian companies have registered businesses in Turkey in the form of joint ventures, trade and representative offices. These include Polyplex, GMR Infrastructure, Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Reliance, Ispat, Aditya Birla Group, Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd, Jain Irrigation, Wipro and Dabur. The event saw several Indian companies expressing interest in joint ventures with Turkish companies.

Turkish companies having presence in India include Limak Construction, Fernas, Sarar, Soktas and Izopoli-Kingspan, and Hidromas. Kamal Faruqi, a prominent social worker from Delhi, informed RNI, that certain Turkish organizations were already doing commendable work in India in the realm of education.

DervishDanceTICCI’s launch event at the Lalit Hotel in New Delhi was attended by a number of prominent people. They included President of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) – Dr. Jyotsna Suri; President of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Alok B. Shriram; Secretary-General of Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) – D.S. Rawat; former Indian ambassador to Kazakhstan and Secretary, National Foundation for Communal Harmony – Ashok Sajjanhar; President of Arya Samaj – Swami Agnivesh; Director of UN Information Center in India Kiran Mehra; Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Vijay Jolly; and, TICCI Vice President Mehmet Ali Seker.

The launch of TICCI-Delhi Chapter, felicitation and speeches by guests of honours was followed by a scintillating performance by whirling dervish dancers from Turkey, which enthralled the audience.


DSC07619 (1024x768)TICCI President Ersin Karaoglan welcomed the distinguished guests and pledged greater two-way business possibilities between Turkey and India. He said the six offices of TICCI are already interacting with various Chambers and Industrial Houses in India and said there are many opportunities for investment in a country as big as India. He said Turkey has developed its infrastructure tremendously and expressed hope this expertise can be used to develop infrastructure in India. He said several Turkish companies are gearing up to invest about one trillion US dollars in India in different infrastructure projects, besides investing in education and tourism sector.

Karaoglan informed that Turkey is strategically situated as an entry point to Europe and Indian companies and industries are likely to benefit tremendously through initiating business with Turkey. He cited the similarities between India and Turkey and said both the countries are fast growing, both are secular countries, both are democratic and both have stood for peace in the world. He said TICCI will direct its efforts to pursue Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ plan.

He also talked about travel and tourism opportunities in Turkey and informed that the number of Indians going to Turkey has increased from 60,000 to 1,20,000 in previous years.

DSC07634 (912x1024)Dr. Jyotsna Suri, President FICCI who is also chairperson and managing director of Bharat Hotels which runs the luxury hotel chain The Lalit, has been vigorously promoting travel and tourism to India. She congratulated formation of TICCI and said the name TICCI was very close to FICCI. Commending the great efforts of TICCI during recent past, she said: “We, in FICCI, must learn from TICCI.”

Dr. Suri informed FICCI has been working with Istanbul for promotion of trade and economic relations between two countries. She said FICCI has organized 14 business delegations to Turkey and she herself has led one of these delegations. She expressed hope India and Turkey, in future, will continue to explore the opportunities which can help the two countries. “We have common interests and I believe there are numerous opportunities for Indians traveling to Turkey and Turkish people traveling to India,” she said. She wished the new venture huge success and hoped they will continue to work together for a long time to come.

DSC07636 (1024x1007)Mr. Alok B. Shriram, President, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry which was established in 1905 as a proactive and dynamic apex organization working at grass-root level and with international linkages, said PHD works for economic growth and development of nation through skilling India and contributes significantly through socio-economic development in several fields. Mr. Shriram passed his wishes to TICCI for opening the Delhi chapter and resolved PHD’s commitment towards promoting trade and economic relations between both countries in the years to come. He said PHD Chamber is committed to promote Prime Minister’s idea of ‘Make in India’ and inclusive growth for all.

Mr. Shriram said “PHD is representative of the industry through over 48,000 direct and indirect members. It has been a leading Indian chamber ever since it was established in 1905 and has mobilized interactions with over 60 worldwide chambers. Last year in 2014, PHD Chamber and Turkish Chamber signed an MoU. We will be exchanging visits of business delegations between two countries.” He talked of cultural similarities between two countries besides in art, costume and cuisine and said both countries are strategically located and can be of immense benefit to each other. “Past few years has seen great positive movement in enhancement of economic relationships between two countries,” he said but felt there is still huge scope as current trade does not even amount to 1% of the trade of two countries put together.

DSC07637 (1024x985)DS Rawat, Secretary-General Assocham said opening of TICCI office in Delhi was another feather in the cap of TICCI and Assocham and TICCI are looking forward to work together to enhance trade and commerce opportunities between two countries. Working since 1920, Assocham has in its fold more than 300 chambers and trade and trade associations and more than 4 lakh members from all over India. It has contributed significantly by playing a leading role in shaping up the trade, commerce and industrial environment of the country. Mr. Rawat said business with Turkey will serve as gateway for trade into Middle-East and also in the European mainland. He talked of engagement with Turkey in infrastructure, construction projects, defence, automobile industry, ship building, aviation and tourism. “Both countries have great history behind them and with their great diversity both countries should become favourite tourist destinations of people from the other country,” Rawat said. He also said India and Turkey are truly emerging markets and the MoU which Assocham has signed with TICCI shall be implemented in true spirit.

DSC07639 (803x1024)Kiran Mehra, Director, UN Information Centre in India wants UNIC to be interpreted as UN India Connect. Otherwise standing for United Nations Information Centre, UNIC was the first UN office to be opened in India in 1947. The Centre represents the UN Secretariat and its director is the spokesperson of the UN Secretary General.

Mrs. Mehra said the launch of Turkish India Chamber of Commerce and Industry is likely to bring together a powerful partnership between two great countries. She talked of the amazing experience she had at the Mediterranean Resorts of Turkey. She also talked of mystical motion of whirling dervishes, a dance form which was popularized by Sufi Saint Rumi. She said Sufi tradition has always been of tolerance and peace and for this UNESCO in 2007, celebrated the 800th birth anniversary of Rumi in collaboration of Afghanistan, Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkey. “India and Turkey have similar traditions and the launch of TICCI not only brings together the trade ties between two countries in commerce and industry but is sure to strengthen the ties of humanity,” she said.

DSC07642 (1024x900)Arya Samaj’s Swami Agnivesh talked of the great Sufi traditions of Turkey. He said Indians have a tradition of seeing divine in every human being. All humanity is one. He compared these lofty Indian traditions with the Sufi traditions of love and peace. He said Turkey represents a great civilization known for its educational and cultural endeavours. Rumi was a great asset to whole of humanity. He said at a time when there is so much of religious fundamentalism, the coming together of Turkey and India will be of great importance. He also said the most important thing that is common between the two countries is culture. He laid emphasis on need for more cultural exchanges but expressed satisfaction that the two countries are coming together in the field of trade and commerce. He also praised the tourism potential of Turkey and remembered his own experiences during his visit to Turkey.

DSC07644 (1018x1024)Vijay Jolly, all-India Incharge and prabhari of Tripura state and all-India Incharge and secretary of BJP’s overseas affairs committee marvelled at the representation of FICCI, PHD and Assocham at the launch of TICCI and said it was no small occasion that these apex business chambers were present together. He said launch of TICCI was a great occasion for the two great countries. He said people to people diplomacy starts by trade and industry; by joining hands and through tourism. He talked of beautiful dances of Turkey, the great cultural ethos of Turkey and said that the need of the hour was to bring the two civilizations together and work on people to people level. He said he hope the two countries will use all their energies to channelize efforts in this direction.

DSC07646 (1024x972)Mr. Ashok Sajjanhar, Secretary of National Foundation for Communal Harmony and former Ambassador of India to several countries talked of his association with Turkey and the beauty and serenity of the country. He emphasised upon the high quality infrastructure that Turkey has built, be it road and rail connectivity, stadia, buildings, etc. He said this was one area in which there are great opportunities for two countries to share their experiences. He also talked of great tourism potential between the two countries. He said though there has been an increase of tourist flow between the two countries but the present number of tourist exchange is nothing in comparison to the immense potential. He also talked of the Sufi traditions of Turkey and said since it is supposed to be the century of Asia, Turkey and India shall stand together for enhancingDSC07647 (981x1024) cooperation in all fields.

Vice President of TICCI and Founder of TICCI Mehmet Ali Seker who organized the event thanked all the speakers and valuable guests for their presence. He hoped that this would serve as a base for great business and cultural relations between the two countries. He also thanked the apex chambers viz. FICCI, PHD and Assocham and their representatives, who all have signed MoUs with TICCI, and hoped of greater and stronger ties in future.


RNI News Agency

Iraq Turmoil? Yet another blow to American designs

barack-obama-2255_eb215a1b6c9717b7ed628a2068c9d019The rapidity with which they have moved ahead ransacking the opposition, the weaponry they have used and the number of the soldiers they have commanded cannot have been possible without an outside support. The emphasis in the international media on calling ISIS? Sunni Terrorists? Clearly gives an idea of what they are up to. The West is interested in fomenting Shia-Sunni hatred to the hilt so that divisions within Muslim community can be used to weaken the Muslim world.

With the two wars already in Iraq, failure in Afghanistan and severe blow to its plan in Syria, America is witnessing another blow to its global ambitions in recent developments in Iraq. With several trillion dollars spent in Iraq and Afghanistan wars and several thousands of soldiers lost, Obama administration planned an alternative strategy of fomenting sectarian
trouble in the Muslim world. Its first laboratory was Syria, where thousands of foreigners were dispatched to wage a war against the Syrian government.  It even planned to devastate the country with aerial raids. The plan failed because Iran and Russia came strongly in favour of the Syrian regime. The rebels have finally been almost annihilated in Syria.

With failure in Syria, America started thinking afresh in terms of its relations with Iran. It had started believing that the several decades long efforts to isolate Iran in the Muslim world have only benefited Iran whose influence has continued to grow. Israel-American nexus wanted to remove Assad as they believed Syria to be an extension of Iran. They started fearing that
Hizbollah-Syria-Iran nexus can become too strong to handle. With Iraqi regime too developing close links with Iran, America was seeing trouble for future. When you are in no position to defeat the enemy, better enter the treaty. Following this principle, the Western world changed its policy towards Iran, and the equations apparently seem to have changed remarkably in the last one year.

But for America, this apparent gesture of goodwill towards Iran is only a ploy to weaken it. If an Iranian influence zone extends from Iran to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, this would signal a big reversal of power equations in the area. With Syrian experiment failing, America seems to have asked its long friend Saudi Arabia to focus on Iraq. Within a few days, the ISIS seems to have taken control of a large area of the country. The rapidity with which they have moved ahead ransacking the opposition, the weaponry they have used and the number of the soldiers they have commanded cannot have been possible without an outside support. The emphasis in the international media on calling ISIS? Sunni Terrorists? Clearly gives an idea of what they are up to. The West is interested in fomenting Shia-Sunni hatred to the hilt so that divisions within Muslim community can be used to weaken the Muslim world. They are  instigating Iran to get involved in the conflict so that the Sunnis may become further disenchanted with the Shiite Iran.

The likely scenario which is going to emerge is that Iraq will go the Syrian way. There will be a civilian war, which can run for months if not for years. There will be a threat to the integrity of Iraq with attempts to divide it into three. But the plan will again fail like it failed in Syria. Iraq will remain united, and the solidarity of the Muslim community will triumph though at a big cost.

It is a big test for Iran too. Iran cannot afford to look to be supportive of Shiites against Sunnis, as it would adversely affect its policy of avoiding Sunni-Shia rivalry. While the prospects of amicable ties with West with long period sanctions coming to an end can make its leadership vulnerable to the designs of West, it would better care for its reputation in Muslim world as a
unifying force against the anti0Islamic forces. Instead of openly supporting the Iraqi regime, it should endeavour to bring unity between the two sects. Keeping Iraq united will not only be in the best interest of Iran but also in the best interest of the Muslim World. The world as a whole can also not afford prolongation of the conflict in the oil-rich nation. Hopefully West will show greater wisdom in dealing with the conflict than it has demonstrated in the past.


* Dr Javed Jamil


US military intervention in Syria shall flare up into nuclear catastrophe


Mr. Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General has acknowledged the concern expressed by several world peace organizations including the National Panthers Party on the dangers to the world peace in case the USA insisted on military intervention in Syria. The National Panthers Party (not Black Panthers) has urged Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary-General for his intervention to save peace as well as the letter and the spirit of the Charter of the United Nations, which does not permit interference into the domestic affairs of any Member state. Article 2 (7) is a mandatory for all the Members of the General Assembly of the United Nations and is equally applicable to the big powers and permanent members of the Security Council. It was most tragic and unfortunate that the United States of America has been deliberately violating the mandate of the UN Charter, may it be in erstwhile Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan or in Syria. The living example of the UN Charter was the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 when Bush administration attacked Iraq under a false pretext that Iraq was manufacturing/hiding weapons of mass destruction. This author personally interacted with Chief Inspector deputed by the United Nations in Iraq in 2001 who admitted that his team has not been able to trace out any such weapons in Iraq. It was proved beyond an iota of doubt that US charge against President Saddam Hussein was false, unfounded and was labeled against President Saddam Hussein only to demonize the Arab leader and liquidate him. The US succeeded in its game plan. The silence of the United Nations over the Anglo-American attack against Iraq has damaged the credibility of the United Nations rather its silence was a suicidal step.

Prof. Bhim Singh

Prof. Bhim Singh

In 1999 the US used NATO to commit a naked aggression against Yugoslavia with a criminal intention to destroy the Serbian culture, history and civilization. The NATO committed a genocide of thousands of people whereas the international fraternity failed to appreciate the emerging trends to wipe off the very name of Yugoslavia from the Membership of the United Nations. President Slobodan Milosevic was abducted from Belgrade residence, imprisoned in a dark cell of prison manned by US commandoes in the Hague, Netherland. He was ultimately found ‘murdered’ in his prison room when the prosecutors failed to establish any guilt on his part. When I with Ramsey Clarke visited President Slobodan Milosevic in prison in the Hague, he requested both of us to represent him before the court. The rule of law, as I saw it, stood murdered as the judges presiding over the so-called International Criminal Court trying President Slobodan Milosevic did not allow us (myself and Ramsey Clarke) to represent him before the court saying that, “It is the prerogative of this court to decide which attorney shall represent the under trials before us.” That is the jurisprudence practiced and preached by the White House when they dealt with their adversaries or political opponents in the world courts. This was the command of the so-called world order ordained by President Bush while attacking Iraq in violation of the UN Charter as well as all the norms available in the international law.

More than two million people died of hunger and starvation caused by the illegal and authoritarian economic sanctions imposed by the United States of America against Iraq. In his book, ‘Iraq-A Heroic Resistance’, this author had mentioned in details how the Anglo-American Bloc committed aggression against the people of Iraq followed by genocide of the innocent people. The US mission in Iraq was to capture oils, land and strategic waters in Iraq and in rest of the Arab world. They saw Saddam Hussein as the biggest obstacle to achieve their target and therefore they started world media campaign to demonize him and finally succeeded to murder him (Saddam Hussein). This judicial murder (hanging) was witnessed by the entire world. The US proclaimed that it intended to bring democracy in Iraq. What kind of democracy the USA has brought in Iraq that could be witnessed by anybody in the world that hundreds of innocent people are killed everyday by the weapons manufactured in the western world. Where were the weapons of mass destruction that the US had detected in Iraq?

The United Nations is also answerable about its silence when NATO fighters and bombers were showering bombs and arsenals on the people of Libya. International Law and the UN Charter were thrown to the winds by the Anglo-American Bloc combined with European countries during brutal attack against Libya. How and under what provision of the UN Charter the Anglo-American Bloc used NATO forces to destroy the Arab people and even brutally and inhumanely assassinated the Libyan leader, Col. Gaddafi. The intention of the Anglo-American Bloc was not democracy nor rule of law but the oils of Libya which stands 9th in oil reserves in the world. What has happened in Libya and where is the democracy in Libya? Can anyone in the world justify the USA for evaporating the dead body of the Libyan leader? Where did they disappear who talk of humanism, peace and justice when the USA was committing genocide in Iraq, Libya and now in Syria?

The next target of the US game plan is India. The USA has been promoting Dixon Plan since 1951 to destabilize the largest democracy of the world. They have picked up alternate roadmap to reach India. To reach India they have two common enemies on its way namely, Syria and Iran. The US and Zionist backed international media is using all its nuisance powers to demonize President of Syria, Dr. Bashar-al-Assad, who is the last scion of the Arab leadership. They had succeeded to wipe off the Arab leadership in Egypt. President Hosni Mubarak was thrashed out, imprisoned at 85. The first elected President Mohd. Morsi was not allowed to complete even one year in office only because the Anglo-American Bloc failed to use him as it has happened in Pakistan when the USA could not receive enough obedience from Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief in 1999. The US would not like to see another Naser or Saddam or Gaddafi or even Yasir Arafat in the Arab soil. The entire strategy has been to demolish the emerging leadership in the Arab world so that the US may rule through its one world order. Their interest is entire Arab oils, earth-wealth and strategic land and waters all over the globe. Anglo-American Axis needs Gilgit-Baltistan to monitor its eagle activities over China. This Bloc needs Afghanistan to keep watch on the Russian Federation.  The US needs control over Latin America so that all the gold, diamond reserves and earth-wealth in Bolivia and other Latin American countries remains in the hands of the US. The US interest is not democracy in the Arab world or in North Africa or elsewhere as it is oil, land and waters in the Arab world, Africa and Latin America.

The western axis has divided Sudan by fomenting Muslim-Christian conflict as they had done in the Indian sub-continent in the thirties during the British Rule. They divided Cameroon, the Congo, East Africa. They partitioned Palestine in 1947 to establish Zionist State called ‘Israel’. This was a great betrayal by the west against the Arab world. In 1917,  during the world war-I, British Govt. had signed Belfour Agreement with the Sheriff of Mecca promising freedom to the Palestine if the Arabs supported Britain in the world war-I. It was Britain which cheated the Arabs in 1947 by handing over the mandate of Palestine to the UN control only to help Zionists to establish Israel by the partition of Palestine. Resolution 181 of the United Nations to divide Palestine amounted to betrayal by Britain using the United Nations to establish an unknown State of Israel in the heart of the Arab world. This was a clear indication that the Anglo-American Bloc intended to plant a state inside Arab world to accomplish its objective and agenda in the Middle-East.

In 1967 Israel in its brazen aggression against the neighbouring Arab countries namely Egypt, Jordan, Syria and of course Palestine occupied major chunk of Arab land in an international conspiracy and in utter violation of the UN Charter. The Security Council condemned the Israeli aggression passing several resolutions namely, 242, 338 and others directing Israel to vacate all Arab lands. Israel not only defied the UN Resolutions but continue its violation of the UN Charter. The United Nations has to answer this question as to how and why the United Nations has remained quiet on the defiance of the UN Resolutions vis-à-vis its illegal occupation of Arab lands and Palestine? Occupation of Jerusalem, Masjid Al-aqsa and Golan Heights of Syria are fresh examples of Israeli defiance of the UN Resolutions. The offer made by Late President Hafiz-al-Assad of Syria for ‘Land for Peace’ was ignored. The Zionist State of Israel was allowed to establish its occupation by force in the Golan Heights. Where were the leaders of Anglo-American Bloc? Why the international community kept quiet? Where were the leaders of the world peace mission sleeping? On the other hand the western world implemented all the resolutions against Iraq by using force and committing aggression against Iraq. The Anglo-American Bloc finally assaulted one of the greatest civilizations in the world, Iraq and killed its leaders in the full view of the world.

Palestinian President Yasir Arafat was cheated by the Anglo-American Bloc even when he went to the White House to shake hands with the Israeli leaders even when Yasir Arafat signed Oslo Agreement with Israel in the presence of US President. What happened to the State of Palestine? Shall Clintons and Obamas explain another betrayal by the western leadership against the Arabs. The western world on the other hand has been supporting Israel to expand Jewish settlements in Palestine against the clear mandatory directions and the resolutions of the United Nations.

The only intention of the Obama administration in attacking Syria is to liquidate President Dr. Bashar-al-Assad as they did in Iraq, Libya, the Congo and elsewhere so that there is no dissenting voice against the ‘almighty’ United States of America. This fact is established after receiving a clear message from the NATO Political Chief, Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen that attack on Syria shall be ‘short, sharp & tailored’. This means what? It means the attack will be to liquidate the Syrian leadership and of course elected President of Syria, Dr. Bashar-al-Assad.

The British Parliament has demonstrated its clever strategy to keep the Arab opinion divided. Prime Minister David Cameron has lost his motion by 13 votes in the House of Commons. The British Parliament has given its message clear that the Britains have learnt enough from Iraq and Libya. The entire Europe is aware that the European community including Britain did not receive even peanuts from the fruits of the Anglo-American ‘victory’ in Iraq, Yugoslavia or Libya. France, perhaps, is the only country in Europe which is eager to join the USA in its ‘last’ venture to participate in the US aggression against Syria. This is one of the reasons that France lost its colonial control over United Syria in 1948. While quitting Syria, France intrigued to dissect Lebanon from Syria. France has not yet forgotten how Britain and France were forced out of Suez Canal in 1956 by the Egyptians. They have colonial stint combined with United Kingdom.

It appears as if this is going to be an end of the United Nations in the same way as it happened with the League of Nations. The leadership of Russia and China can not longer be used or exploited by the Anglo-American Bloc as the situation and international combinations and permutations were totally different during the world war-I and world war-II.  The so-called ‘Cold War’ may have come to an end with the demise of the USSR but the Russian Federation with its new leadership has returned live to the existing realities in the Middle-East. Russia can no longer afford to allow far distant White House to plant its arsenals at the threshold of Russia. Putin has demonstrated his excellent will and courage by dubbing the so-called ‘Chemical Weapons’ theory in Syria as ‘utter nonsense’. Russia is not alone in this defence game plan. China is equally concerned about the US intrigues to demolish Syria so that Israel shall have a free hand to expand its territorial plans in the Middle-East. Obama may have compulsions to attack Syria under the mounting pressure of the Zionist lobby in the USA. The so-called resolutions adopted by the leaders of the Arab League States in Cairo inviting the Anglo-American Bloc to invade Syria shall not yield any result and have no consequence. Obama stands defeated in his own arguments when he welcomes the support of the Arab leaders on the one hand and calls for democracy in the Arab world on the other. Shall Obama justify US intervention in Iraq, Syria and other Arab countries?

India has made its stand very clear on the eve of G20 Conclave being held in Kremlin, Russia, that India shall not support foreign interference into the domestic affairs of Syria. This is what the people of India have been asking for.  The people of India stand for peace all over the world. India stands for the sovereignty and independence of all nations. People of India are opposed to any interference into the domestic affairs of any other nations, big or small by any country however big it may be. Mr. Obama, the President of US, should understand the writings on the walls of the history that shall be written tomorrow. Let him come true to the expectations of the peace-loving people of the world. They want to see the spirit of Gandhi and Martin Luther King in Obama and not that of Hitler or Bush. ‘Wisdom lies in daring’. Shall Obama dare in the interest of global peace and human dignity?

 By Prof. Bhim Singh

 (Chief Patron, National Panthers Party)

Will the biases about terrorists remain permanent?


By Ram Puniyani

We have witnessed number of acts of terror in India, during last two decades. While those involved in the acts of terror have been coming from individuals of different religions, the net outcome of the actions of investigation agencies and police has been to arrest Muslim youth, to put charges against them and in most cases to release them after the charges are not proved on any ground. This pattern had a ‘mini-break’ for sometime after the Malegaon blast of 2008. The professional, unbiased and meticulous investigation of the Malegaon blast by the then chief of Maharashtra ATS, Hemant Karkare came as a big step in getting to the terrorists. Due to this; starting from Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, Swami Dayanand Pandey, Swami Aseemanand and many others belonging to the ideology of Hindutva nationalism are currently cooling their heels in the jails. Investigations into Malegaon and many other blasts are showing the imprint of these Hindutva groups and people. One thought that this major breakthrough into acts of investigation will change the mind set of police authorities and they will overcome their biases and do a more professional job in investigation into the acts of terror.

Alas that was not to be and guided by Pavlovian reflex, in a knee jerk fashion, police continues to repeat its pattern of giving statements immediately after the acts of terror in which the organizations like Indian Mujahedeen. Lashkar and others continue to be being named without a thorough probe. This is followed by the usual arrests and framing them. Recently first in the case of Hyderabad twin blasts on 21 February 2013 in which 17 people died and over hindered were injured. These bombs were kept on a bicycle and Indian Mujahideen were blamed for this dastardly act. Later in Bangalore on 17th April a bomb exploded 300 meters from the BJP office. For this blast a motorcycle was used. In this blast around 16 people were injured. It was propagated that the blast took place near BJP office! As usual Indian Mujahedeen were blamed. In this blast again there was an additional factor about propaganda that blast took place near BJP office, when in reality the blast was 300 meters away from the spot. Congress spokesperson Shakil Ahmad said that this blast and the propaganda of its being near BJP office will benefit BJP in the forthcoming elections, while another Congress spokesperson and BJP countered the statement of Shakil Ahmad.

In Bangalore blast, the preceding incidents are very disturbing and revealing. Just ten days before the Bangalore blast, on sixth April in Kannur (Kerala) a blast took place from the motorcycle and RSS swayamsevak A. V. Dileep Kumar who was carrying four kilograms of explosives died. One recalls that the RSS associates also got killed in blasts in Nanded, Kanpur and many other places. This Kannur incident was underplayed and not much is known about the investigation so far as such. It is interesting that police authorities who immediately named Indian Mujahidin have been totally silent on the Hindutva connection of probable terrorists, as by now the nation knows the involvement of Hindutva groups in many acts of terror. The real loser of these biases held by authorities and common people is the country as a whole. The real reason being that if we don’t nab the real culprits and remain trapped in the usual prejudices and biases, the real culprits will continue to carry on their nefarious work over and over again.

As such apart from other things on this trend of Muslim youth being arrested a good amount of documentation and people’s investigation has been done by various human rights groups. ANHAD held a people’s tribunal and published it report, ‘Scapegoats and Holy Cows’. Lately a significant report by Jamia Teachers Solidarity Association led by Manisha Sethi has published ‘Framed, Damned, and Acquitted’. This report in a analytic way tells us the stereotypical manner of police investigation and actions and the plight of those who were arrested particularly by the Delhi Police Special Cell on charges of these youth being part of terrorist outfits. In most of these cases they were acquitted by courts. This report as such should have created awareness about the police methods and a pressure on police to mend its ways. The report also points that the biased atmosphere has been created as media is publishing the police version uncritically. This is in contrast to the journalistic ethics where the official versions have to be checked, cross checked and examined critically before publishing them. The human rights groups also have been struggling for getting compensation to these victims in good measure but to no avail so far. And then the question comes up as to what about the police officers who are guilty of these acts of wrongful investigation and implicating innocent youth, ruining their life in a serious way? Should they not be punished?

The pattern of police reporting is also very stereotypical and needs to be seriously criticized. The question is what the senior leadership is doing in the face of findings of these reports. Is it not important for the policy makers to take cognizance of such important reports and respond to them in the form of policy change for the investigation authorities? Amongst others another human rights group, Rihai Manch from Uttar Pradesh is also campaigning on this issue and trying to get the innocent youth released. UP Government had appointed a Nimesh Commission to investigate these cases, but for reasons known to itself the government is not releasing the report and is doing some patch work here and there.

While UP Government is dodging over the issue of implicating the Muslim youth, one of its ministers is having the taste of these biases in United States, where he was detained at Boston. While he is blaming Indian External Affairs Minister for this, he is forgetting that these biases against Muslims are equally widespread and before him, people of the stature of ex President Abdul Kalam and the celebrity like Shah Rukh Khan have faced similar situations. Is it not an indication enough for the UP minister to set his own house in order as for as the implication of Muslim youth in acts of terror are concerned. The real worrying point of all these incidents is the way biases against Muslims are becoming rooted more and more. What efforts are needed to counter this stereotypical nature of understanding security agencies and perceptions at popular level needs a serious course correction on urgent basis.

Real News International News Bureau